How to Record WhatsApp Call on iPhone (Step By Step)

We all know that Apple is very possessive about its user’s security. For this reason, Apple does not allow its users to do a lot of things and lacks a lot of features that are very easily available on Android phones. Recording a WhatsApp call is one of them.

Record Whatsapp Call on iPhone

Here in this article, we will tell you tricks as to how you can record a WhatsApp call right from an iPhone. Not only a voice call, but we will also tell you how to record a complete video call from WhatsApp on an iPhone. So, read this article to the end.

Recording Calls for Jailbreak users:

For those who are wondering what jailbreak here means is rooting your iPhone and taking access to every possible feature iOS can offer. This will remove all the limitations from your mobile phone and you will get a lot of more exciting features that you cannot use if your mobile is not jailbroken.

In this article, we will not see how you can jailbreak your iPhone but I want to tell you guys that if you are looking for recording calls, you can record even the normal calls with the use of very simple apps easily available on the app store like ‘Cydia’, to record your conversations if your mobile phone is jailbroken. So, if your mobile phone is jailbroken, you do not need to read this article any further, just download the app ‘Cydia’, open it and follow the simple instructions and it will help you record your calls.

However, if your phone is not jailbroken, and you do not wish to jailbreak just for recording calls, read this article further.

***Note: We never recommend the Jailbreak Method to any of our visitors, it’s not safe. If you wish to continue with Jailbreak methods only you will be responsible for anything that happens to your iPhone or data.

Recording calls on WhatsApp: Guide

To date, it is practically impossible to record a normal or WhatsApp call directly as other Android users do. However, there are 2 indirect tricks you can use to record conversations, that are –

Using another phone: For this one, keep your mobile iPhone on speaker while WhatsApp calling and use one more mobile phone and open its sound recorder. This other mobile phone will record all your conversation from both sides as it is on speaker. However, nobody likes using this option so we have another option for you.

Screen recording your iPhone: Recently, a new feature of screen recording was introduced in iOS 14. Here, you can capture your screen video and audio altogether. To record your WhatsApp call, just follow the following steps –

How to get Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone (Step by Step)

  • Tap on ‘Settings’, and then on ‘Control Centre’.
  • Add ‘Screen recording’, I.e it must be on the upper half side with a ‘‘ sign. If not, make the changes.

Screen Recording option on iphone

  • Go to the menu (depending upon your phone usually will have to swipe down from the upper right corner or long tap the home screen). You will see a circular icon looking like the symbol of ‘Record’.
    recording option on menu
  • Tap on the icon and keep the mic on.
  • Press the back button and now again on the record-like button. It will show a countdown and start after it ends. Also, click on the recording icon to turn on the Mic, this will make sure your voice is recording.
    start screen recording
  • While you are on the phone, your complete audio and video will be recorded, so you can also record video calls here. Now, whenever you are done recording, tap the recording sign on the top left corner to stop recording it. (Make sure to put your iPhone on speaker while recording.)
  • Click ‘Stop’ and now you can access it directly from the gallery as a video.

Note: This technique will give you a complete video, if you want only the audio, you will have to download a video editing application from the app store that will help you remove the video from it. This may seem like a tedious task to cut the video. 


Since Apple is very possessive about its user’s privacy and safety (which is a good thing), it is bound not to offer a lot of features that others like Android offer. All we can do is find loopholes like these to enjoy the features with complete safety. I hope this worked for you and please let us know in the comment section if you know any other methods or loopholes that can help you record WhatsApp calls on an iPhone.

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