How to Search on Instagram Without an Account?

Checking an account on Instagram is not that hard. However, when we try to check it without an Insta account, things can get complicated.

Search on Instagram Without an Account

Well, here are a handful of steps you need to go through to check pictures and videos on Instagram, even without login or Sign Up.

How to Access Content on Instagram without an account?

If you are planning to start with a handset, then the plan might go wrong. All Instagram applications, whether it be on Play Store or App Store, require you to have an account to access the application. Therefore, the use of a handset has been removed from the steps. This step only works on the Instagram web.

  • Visit the official website of Instagram at
    Instagram login
  • Make sure to use your desktop to do the same.
  • If you find yourself logged in, then log out of the Instagram account.
  • It will ask you to sign up but avoid the step.
    Access Content on Instagram without an account
  • On the search bar of the browser type the Instagram username after

That’s all you need to do to look for Instagram profiles. It works for Instagram users and non-users. However, make sure that the account you want to access is a public account; otherwise, the content won’t be visible to you. Whatsoever, this is not the only process to search for a profile on Instagram.

Search for an account using Name:

Search for an account using Name

Finding the Instagram search bar without logging in will be difficult. Therefore, follow the steps mentioned above. This is your doorway to accessing the search bar. Well, the search bar is a useful tool as you might not remember the username of the person but using the search bar, you can find the person under the suggestion. This way you can search and view Instagram profile without an account.

Search by Location:

Instagram is famous for the magic it does. From reaching out to the right audience to bringing an event to life, everything is possible when you have Instagram in your hands. Suppose you know that a person has been to a location and has tagged the same on Instagram that your job becomes easier.

Under the search bar on Instagram, type the location you need to search for. Once you do that, you have access to all the public posts that tagged the area. Well, that’s all. Now, search for the person you have been looking for.

Search using Hashtag 

The hashtag has been an innovative way to promote the post to the right audience for a decade. This is indeed a smart way to find the right posts for yourself.

Instagram hashtags

Imagine searching out for a Halloween theme party and beating around the bush. Well, the scenario is likely to happen if you don’t know this method. Hashtags are used to stream down the search profile as it helps to cut down on the irrelevant post. Just search for #halloween or #halloweenparty when you are looking for one.

This process is famous for Twitter as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the person know when you search for her profile?

Well, there is no matrix as such as of now that allows the front party to know that a person is looking out for them. Therefore, we don’t have to worry about the same.

Is stalking on Instagram illegal?

There is no law as of now which makes Instagram stalking illegal. However, if your stalking leads to any kind of online harassment to the individual, then he/she can lodge a file against you, which can lead to strict action.

How to search for a profile on Instagram?

There are several ways by which you can search for a profile on Instagram. This is possible if you search using hashtags, usernames, or locations.

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Well, all the steps which are effective to search for a profile on Instagram have been mentioned above. These are some of the classiest ways which put you on the legal side and don’t harm your reputation in the long run.

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