How to Get Clubhouse App Invite?

An iOS device and an invite link- that’s what you required to join the most exclusive App which is Clubhouse unless you’re a celebrity. But how to get an invite to Clubhouse? Check out this step-by-step guide on how to join below.

If you spend time on social media platforms, then you already know about the latest buzzword- Clubhouse. Well, this app is designed to help you network, talk with like-minded people, explore the topics of your interest, build a community, and much more. You can either create or join separate public and private rooms as per the topic of your interest.

Clubhouse App Invite

The best thing is, Clubhouse is built around “drop-in audio chat,” which discards all the requirements of your camera. Yes, no video, no camera, only ephemeral real-time voice conversations on your favorite topic that can’t even be recorded.

Starting from Elon Musk to Drake, Virgil Abloh, Ashton Kutcher- there are legions of celebrities and high-profile people who have joined Clubhouse. So, once you join this invite-only social platform, you can expect to hear from a number of big personalities. Then ‘how to join the app?’ Learn everything here.

Clubhouse App – A Brief Overview

Clubhouse got released in the beta stage in May 2020. This app is developed by Rohan Seth and Paul Davidson. The Clubhouse has got over two million subscribers in a really short span. Even some analyst sources have revealed that Clubhouse already worths $100 million.

However, with this unique application, any person can join a room as per his interest to participate in the ongoing discussion on the topic mentioned in the title of the individual room. You can create your own room also and invite your friends to join.

Clubhouse for business

There are a wide variety of topics available to discuss, i.e., politics, digital marketing, daily activities, entertainment, technology, songs, and many more. Basically, any member of the Clubhouse can choose any topic to create a room and invite same-minded people in order to participate in the audio-only discussion.

Well, joining Clubhouse is not a cakewalk since the app is in its beta version, and the number of users is limited till now. Not many people can join it. If you are in a chat room then you can raise your hand to ask questions. But here, we’ve mentioned 3 steps that may help you in getting an invite link from any existing user and join the virtual club. Have a look.

Clubhouse App – 3 Steps to Join

First of all, if you’re an Android user, unfortunately, no Android version of the app is yet available. Apple has developed it for iOS users only and it is available on the app store. Hence, you need an iPhone, good conduct over that web, which means you shouldn’t have any record of being an ‘internet bully’, and of course, a stable internet connection.

Once you get this checklist sorted, move on to the below methods to join today.

Step 1: First, Sign-Up for the Waitlist

Join Clubhouse

Once you sign up for the waitlist, you don’t get instant access to the Clubhouse; instead, you reserve your username and increase the chances of getting the exclusive app access earlier than others. You can either visit the official website or download it from the App store. Then download the app and sign-up for the waitlist by creating a username and password.

Step 2: Post on Social Media with #Clubhouse

Social Media with Clubhouse

Yes, if you post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while tagging Clubhouse, you’re much likely to grab the attention of the Clubhouse community. There are many members who got benefitted by applying this strategy. You should give it a try to get an invite link from any existing user.

Step 3: Get Associated with Already Existing Members

How would you do it in the real world to become a member of a club through invite? You’ll try to get associated with the existing members and ask them to send you an invitation, isn’t it? Well, do the same in this case also. Join different groups, participate in different discussions, build your network and get the ‘Clubhouse invite link’. All Clubhouse users get only two invites. They can invite you by adding your phone number. You have to get the invitation from someone else.

Existing Members

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“How to become a Clubhouse member without an invite?”- The answer is, there is no way you join this platform without an invite. You can only join when you get a Clubhouse invite by an existing Clubhouse user. So, you must reckon with these three methods to join the most anticipated, hyped, and exclusive Clubhouse.

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