How to Activate Audible Free Trial?

You can get not one but four free books with an Audible free trial! There is a trick to it that we will explain in this article. However, before we begin, you might want to learn how to get an Audible free trial. The eligibility criteria aren’t too challenging for you to meet!

Audible Free Trial

With our busy schedule and hectic work life, it is better to get books that we could just listen to. That’s what Audible brings you. How long is the Audible trial? Can you extend the trial? What does it take to sign up? Are there hidden discounts? Let’s find out the answers to all of these questions and more in this article!

Audible Free Trial – Brief Information

Before we begin, it would be ideal to tell you a little about Audible. Amazon attempts to bring you a collection of books in a single place for audio listening. Unlike Kindle, which is a text-based collection for readers, Audible provides the books in sound form. Thus, you can listen to them anytime and absorb all the knowledge you need.

Audible Membership:

You have to subscribe to audible to gain access to the books. However, these books aren’t available for free. You will have to subscribe to these books if you want to listen to these books. However, most of these books are available at a lower price than their hardcopy.

Similarly, Audible membership gives you around one credit each month for you to read a new book. Therefore, membership costs become negligible as you are essentially paying for one book per month. If you want to read more, you’d just have to pay more.

Book Collection:

Audible has one of the largest book collections. Some of these are available for free, especially if they are older books available for anyone to read and use. Meanwhile, it also maintains the latest collection for the users. You will most likely find almost every book you’re looking for conveniently. The price isn’t that high, either, especially for listening to them.

Convenient Features of Audible:

Audible benefits

Audible aims to bring you the best, most convenient features. Therefore, it is identical to reading a book. All you need are reliable headphones, and you’re good to go. You can listen to them anywhere, anytime, without any problem. It allows you to bookmark or timestamp the book to resume.

Some Notable Benefits:

We are too busy to read books. Some places, like the workplace, might not allow you to read books as the boss might think you’re wasting time. That’s where Audio comes into play. More importantly, when you’re in the gym, on a walk, or jog, you can’t hold a book and read it. The motion displacement makes lines blurry, and it is harder to focus.

With Audible, you can listen to the books anywhere, any time, without relying on the physical material. Without interruption of all of these elements, you gain access to everything. Therefore, Audible is indeed a beneficial app.

Audible Free Trial – How To Get?

Now that you have more transparent information and understanding of Audible, it is time to check out how you can get the 30 day free trial. No, Audible Free Trial or Membership doesn’t work or include the Prime Membership. Audible is a standalone app. Whether you have Prime Membership won’t impact it. You won’t get any enticing or appealing deals for Audible as a Prime member, either. With the free trial you can get access to Audible originals as well.

What do You get on Free Trial?

try Audible for free

Audible currently offers a 30-day free trial. Therefore, you will get 30 days of complete access to Audible’s book libraries, around one credit, and all of the features without any restrictions. However, Audible is also known to extend or provide better free trials.

Last year, it brought you a three months trial. If you don’t want to waste your ID right now, you can wait for it. Alternatively, you can always create a new ID later and deactivate the subscription for the current one.

The Requirements:

Almost anyone can register with Audible and enjoy the free trial. However, you will need an Amazon ID. You can register on Amazon’s platform before visiting Audible’s website to register with the same ID.

Similarly, you can’t use the ID that already had Audible membership. You will need a new ID to start your trial. If you already subscribed once, you need to make a unique ID.

Apart from this, Audible is highly compatible. You can open it on Desktop, Mobile, or anywhere else. The registration process can be anywhere, but the desktop version would be a better choice for convenience.

Steps To Sign Up For Audible Free Trial:

It is relatively easy to sign up for an Audible free trial. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Visit the Official Website by Clicking Here.
    click to try Audible Free
  • There you will get the ‘Start Your Free Trial Now’ option. Click on it.
  • Now, just follow through with the option.
  • Audible offers membership, Audible Premium, and Audible Premium Plus. There isn’t much difference, but it will ask you to choose one of these options while signing up.
    signup for audible
  • You can choose the higher option to reap full benefits.
  • Next, it will ask you to provide payment information. You need to give the card details that have autopay active. It might deduce a minimal sum but refund it to confirm the payment gateway.
    payment option on audible
  • Once you finish the entire process, you will have an audible free trial for 30 days.

Audible Premium VS Audible Premium Plus:

Both packages offer you 30 days free trial. There isn’t much difference as both bring you over 11,000 titles with access to Audible original. You can use the Audible App or website on any of the supporting devices.

However, Audible Premium Plus also gives you one free token each month to get a book, which also comes with the trial. You also gain offline access to the titles. Thus, you can download them and listen to them as you travel or indulge in other activities.

Audible Premium VS Premium Plus

Therefore, it would be better to get Premium Plus over Premium. It is the best option to get a good idea about Audible’s services and qualities.

The 11,000 titles include various generals, and that is mostly Audible originals. It includes podcasts, talk shows, interviews, and much more. However, Audible works consistently to update and provide the latest content to find much more. These are all available primarily for free with Audible membership.

Auto-Renewal Caution:

Almost every service provider has an auto-renewal policy available online for their services. Therefore, your Audible membership will also renew at the end of each billing cycle. Each month, your membership will continue at the date you are signed up. This also applies to trial. Since you’ve provided the payment information, you will get charged if you don’t cancel the subscription.

Thankfully, you can unsubscribe as quickly as the next day of activating your trial. No, it won’t affect your membership and cancel your access. You will still have the 30-days trial to test Audible and its features. However, the account won’t renew the subscription. Thus, saving you from getting charged unfairly.

How to Cancel Audible Subscription?

There’s a little trick to unsubscribing to Audible Premium Plus. The option is only available for Desktop websites. You’d have to log into the PC on your Audible account to do it. Alternatively, you can try to open the website on the mobile web browser, but it might not provide you the option.

Either way, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Audible account (Amazon account)
  • From there, go to the account details page. It is achievable by clicking on your icon.
  • There, you can find the ‘View membership details’ option. Click on it
  • It will show you the current subscription, date, and everything else.
  • Click on ‘Cancel Membership’ and confirm. With that, you’re good to go.
  • Audible will ask you for feedback or a reason to cancel the subscription. You can provide the one you think is right for you.

With this, your membership will cancel, and you won’t have to worry about renewal anymore. If you want to subscribe again, you can use the same account.

How To Get 4 Books With Audible Free Trial?

You might think that you get just one credit per month to use, and that means you can only get one book, even with an Audible Premium Plus or Premium membership trial. That’s not true at all! Here are all the tricks you can use with Audible to get up to 4 books to read for free.

Get 2 Books With Amazon Gateway:

Get 2 Books With Audible Free Trial

If you use the above-given official link of Audible, you will only get one credit. That will be the end of it all. However, if you sign up from Amazon’s website, you get two books (or two credits) guaranteed. Amazon has this offer for its users.

All you need to do is:

  • Visit on your desktop.
  • Sign in to your pre-existing account
  • A search of Audible membership in the bar
  • Select it and check the free trial option.

However, you need Prime Membership for you to reap this benefit. It might not show this to you on the offer, but if you check out the Frequently Asked Questions, it is right there:

Get 1 Book With A Sharing Option:

Another way for you to get one more book is by using Audible’s sharing option. It doesn’t cost anything at all. You can share the book with almost anyone, even those that are not the Audible members yet. Follow these steps:

  • Open your Audible app and go to the libraries.
  • Now find the title you want to share.
  • Click on more options for the book (The three dots).
  • Click on share and then share it with the person you want.
  • Remember, you can send them the link on any platform when you do this.

If a person opens the link, they will receive the book. If they repeat the process with you, or if you get someone to do it for you, you will also get one more book free of cost.

By now, you will have three books free from Audible if you’ve followed the instructions and hacks to the point.

Exchange One Of The Books You Own:

The final option is a little risky but usually works as long as you exchange one or two books. Your maximum limit would be exchanging four books, so you need to be careful with this option. Amazon has the same ‘red lighting’ customer option if they exchange or ask for refunds often. Here’s how you do it:

  1. First, finish reading one of the books that you have.
  2. You can click on the book’s option and find an option to return the book.
  3. It might ask you for a reason, provide the right reason.

As mentioned above, you can only return around 2-3 books safely without anyone noticing. If you fail to return any more books, you can always ask for Customer Support. However, do this when you have genuine concerns and are not trying to misuse the book.

As a safe play, it would be suitable to use it for just one book exchange, especially in the trial period. Like this, you will get around four books in total by now.

Money-Saving Tips For Audible Membership:

Audible books

These are not essential for an Audible Free Trial, but these are related to it. There are some lesser-known discounts and offers that Audible provides. If you play your cards right, you can get many money-saving options:

Get 50% Discount By Cancelling Subscription:

When you cancel the membership and Audible asks you to explain, you can choose ‘It is expensive’ or something similar. Audible doesn’t want to lose its customers. The price they have is usually over the top of the actual cost they offer. If you use this option, they will provide you with an additional three months of subscription at 50% Cost.

In other words, you will pay for 1.5 months and enjoy another one and a half months free. If you carry on with this, you would need to pay first to activate the pack. Once you do that, you can enjoy Audible for two additional months at half the original cost. It is not free and indeed not a trial, but still a fantastic option.

Get Student’s Discount:

If you are a student or have a student’s ID, it will become easier to get a discount. All you need to do is check for the Student offers in the membership area. They usually have packages for students separately. Amazon even provides $10 credits for the students to get Audible Membership free for the next two months. Thus, you can extend your trial by doing so. However, as mentioned, you need to have a student’s ID.

Use Credits Over Money:

As you know, Audible has a credit system and gives you one credit each month to use. Once you run out of it, you have to use the money to pay for the books and use them. However, it starts showing you options to add more credits and buy them for offer. Now, if you check these offers out, the credits might cost way less than the cost of the books available.

Therefore, you can get around three credits at a higher discount and then use them to get more books. Like this, you can save a lot of money on books that would otherwise cost excessively for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Kindle Of Amazon Prime Membership Work For Audible?

You have to subscribe to Audible separately if you want to use it. However, if you have an Amazon Prime Membership, you can get one extra book if you sign up using the same account. That is the only benefit you get.

Kindle is not the same as Audible. Therefore, you don’t get any benefits from there. Kindle Membership won’t work with Audible and vice-versa. Prime membership also doesn’t work for Kindle either.

How Long Can You Keep The Books You Own In Audible Free Trial?

Any book that you buy or own in Audible stays with you forever until you delete it or return it. This also applies to the Trial users as they were technically using the premium features. Therefore, the books you get (especially four books, if you use our tricks) will remain there for you to listen to anytime you like. However, you might have to subscribe to Audible to make it accessible again. In short, you can keep them for a lifetime, even after the trial ends.

Are There Free Audiobooks In Audible?

Yes. Audible constantly updates the collection, which includes free audiobooks. If you have run out of credits or don’t have additional money, you can use these free audiobooks. It is easier to find as well. There is a separate category assigned to them. Therefore, it won’t be too hectic for you to access at all.

Are Audible Originals Free?

Audible Originals are free only with Audible membership. You will have to pay for the membership but not for the content known as Audible Original. This makes the deal quite appealing as you can get various stories accessible with this feature. You can also use them during the trial version and stream them as you like them.

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Now you can go ahead and signup or register to Audible. Make sure to use our tricks if you want to enjoy around four to five free books without any additional cost. You can also use money-saving tricks to save extensively on expenses.

Audible is indeed one of the best apps. It has podcasts, talk shows, interviews, and read books without altered content for you. Thus, you can listen to books anywhere anytime. If you’re big on learning and time management, it might be the best app available right now. So go ahead and get your trial today!

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