How to Hide Profile Picture on WhatsApp and Telegram?

Privacy is something that matters to all of us. So if you’re here to hide profile pictures on messaging platforms like Whatsapp and Telegram you have come to the right place. WhatsApp allows only contacts to view the profile and general public. Telegram has the alternative of choosing the particular persons whom you would like to view the profile picture.

Hide Profile Picture on Whatsapp and Telegram

So without further ado let’s dive into details on how to hide Whatsapp and Telegram profile pictures.

How to Hide the profile picture on Whatsapp (Step by Step)

  • Open Whatsapp and press the three dots on the extreme top right-hand corner of the screen.
    Whatsapp settings
  • From the menu, tap on Settings.
    Click on Whatsapp settings
  • The list of options is visible-tap on Account.
    open whatsapp account
  • The drop-down list appears. Choose the privacy setting.
  • The privacy setting when tapped a list of the menu under the heading Who can see my info appears.
  • Tap on the profile photo, and three options appear.
    profile picture hide option on whatsapp
  • Everyone, My contacts, and Nobody is the three available choices.
  • If you like everyone to view your profile picture choose the option, Everyone. If you prefer only the contacts on your phone to access the profile picture, tap on My contacts, and if you would like no one to see your profile picture go for the option Nobody.

How to Hide the profile picture on Telegram (Step by Step)

  • Tap on the Telegram icon, and tap on the three parallel lines on the extreme left-hand corner of the screen.
  • A list of options is visible. Tap on the Settings.
    Telegram app settings
  • Under the heading Settings, options appear. Lightly tap on Privacy and Security.
  • Many options appear; tap on the Profile photo option.
  • Under Profile picture, the choices available are Everybody and My Contacts. Choose to allow everyone to access the display photo or choose my contacts in the address book.
  • There are alternatives to blocking certain individuals to see your profile picture by choosing the option never allow or always allow.
    Hide the profile picture on Telegram
  • Choose particular individuals you do not want to access your account’s display photo. Click on the groups or individuals in your contact list.
  • Ensure the changes are made by tapping on the checkmark sign and apply changes made.

Follow all of these given steps carefully if you want to hide your profile picture on WhatsApp and Telegram.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I hide my display picture on my profile?

There is an option to change the settings of the profile photo. The photo will be inaccessible to those whom you do not prefer viewing your display picture.

Will you access persons' information saving the profile picture displayed by you?

No, there is no method of finding out if any particular person has viewed the display photo or taken a screenshot of it.

Are my display photos safe, or can they be used by online thugs?

There is a possibility of misuse of personal details like the profile photo. They could lead to criminal offenses. Be wary and choose the privacy settings. So it is best to hide your profile picture from unknown persons.

Why does the status update disappear in 24 hours?

The updates are valid for 24 hours. When the time expires, the updates disappear.

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Privacy is vital. It could be at stake with the excessive misuse and mishandling of private personal information. Displaying pictures advertised to unknown persons is not appropriate. If you want to hide your profile picture then follow the above-given steps. We hope this guide suits your purpose well.

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