10+ Best TikTok Alternatives You Should Try Now

Many people have seen pictures of Addison Rae & Charli D’Amelio. But how did these two get fame? The answer is TikTok, an online video platform where you create fun and entertaining lip-sync videos and post them. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of users of TikTok has been doubled and the company has earned a very huge amount of profit. 

TikTok Alternatives

But a lot of countries have banned TikTok as they accused this app of stealing the personal data of its users. USA gave a thought about banning but as a lot of US citizens are active users of the app and earn their living through it, so they vanished that thought from their heads. But one is not sure when TikTok will be banned in your country.

Here is the list of the best alternatives of TikTok that one can use. The majority of these applications hold the features of TikTok. Let us just give a very quick glance at these alternatives.

List Of The 10+ TikTok Alternatives Apps To Download

There are plenty of apps that one can use in place of TikTok, let us have a look at those applications very quickly.

1. Zoomerang

Available On: iOS and Android

Zoomerang is a great and fun app to edit videos for Facebook & Instagram etc. The amazing and professional effects of Zoomerang make it different and special from other apps. One can download this app for free and to avail of special features in-app they can make in-app purchases. 


2. Byte

Available On: iOS and Android 

The Byte is a popular and latest addition to short video-making apps. It is a great alternative to TikTok and one can create high-quality short-loop videos. This app is free to use and can be downloaded from Google Play Store or AppStore. Categories your short videos under horror, funny and other genres.


3. YouTube Shorts 

YouTube Shorts is a video streaming platform where you can create videos and watch videos of other people from around the world. 


The latest features of YouTube shorts allows you to create fun and short 15 seconds video that will be on your story for a specified time. Though it is a free app to avail advanced features one can always take the subscription that starts from $12.99/month and goes up.

4. Chingari

Available on: iOS and Android

After TikTok vanished from India’s map, it faced a lot of loss as there were so many active TikTok users in the county. But this loss allowed a lot of web creators to develop a similar app in India. Chingari is a short-video streaming app that allows its users to record their videos, do editing and share with their audience.


Recently Salman Khan was announced as the Global Ambassador for Chingari app. If you are from India, then the Chingari app is a good-to-go alternative for you.

5. Triller

Available On: iOS and Android

Triller is an all one app that allows its users to create and edit short videos under one platform. Now create beautiful short videos, edit them and share them with your followers at the same time. A lot of popular celebrities are a part of this short-video streaming app like Justin Bieber, Kevin Hart, and Charli D’Amellio, etc. A lot of people in America are using Triller in place of TikTok these days. 


6. Dubsmash

Available On: iOS and Android

Before TikTok people used to create short videos on Dubsmash. After TikTok is banned in several countries if it gets banned in your country in the future, then you can give Dubsmash a definite green flag. Record lip-syncing on funny dialogues and upload it on your Dubsmash account and get featured on top pages. Download Dubsmash on your smartphone now.


7. Snapchat

Available On: iOS and Android

A lot of people use Snapchat and it is one of the most used apps in the world. One can create 15 or more seconds snaps with various filters and post them online. It also allows you to keep your snaps saved in the form of memories. Snap with your friends daily and maintain streaks. One thing to keep in head is that a snap video will disappear after 24 hours.


8. Instagram

Available On: iOS and Android

According to experts, more than 300 million people are actively using Instagram. This app allows you to share your pictures, videos, stories, and reels with your followers. It provides you with a variety of filters and lenses to choose from and you can keep a check on your favorite celebrity crush. Using Instagram is quite simple and easy and it is for free unless you want to promote your services.


9. Facebook

Available On: iOS and Android

Facebook was the greatest invention that let people around the world connect effectively. All thanks to Mark Zuckerberg because of his hard work and passion, we can connect with friends and family, etc.


Upload edited short videos of yourself on Facebook and get likes and reactions. Facebook is a good alternative for TikTok. Now share your invaluable moments with your Facebook friends and grow your friendships at the same time. 

10. Likee

Available On: iOS and Android

Likee can also be said to be the doppelganger of the TikTok app. The features, filters, and song options of Likee make it one of the best short-video-making applications. This app is full of beautiful and amazing features and one can grow an audience in it and earn a lot of bucks. Likee is also known as the best alternative for TikTok and the demand for this app is increasing rapidly.


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The above-mentioned applications are a perfect alternative to TikTok. Download these apps and enjoy creating short videos. The features of each app are different from one another but the majority of them let you create a short video. Using these apps is quite easy and simple.

Most of them work for free and require no subscription but some of them ask for a subscription to avail premium features of it. If your love for creating short videos is limitless, then try downloading these TikTok alternatives

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