Final Cut Pro for Windows 10 – Best Alternatives to Use

Are you looking to revolutionize your video editing and content editing prowess with software like Final Cut Pro? Apple is known for building some of the best premium-grade software and apps available for users. Unfortunately, most of them are restricted to their platforms like macOS or iOS.

Final Cut Pro For Windows

Can you use Final Cut Pro on Windows? What does it take to get the same results on Windows? We are here to clarify all the doubts and even provide you a list of some of the best alternatives available for Windows users. Let’s begin with the answer that matters the most.

Final Cut Pro – Overview

If you’re here, you most likely know about Final Cut Pro. It is a video and content editing tool that feels very premium. Most people prefer this application for its ease of use and intuitive features. As is it a macOS software, it utilizes the system’s capacities to the maximum for the best results. Thus, boosting rendering speeds and smoothening the interface.

It is indeed a professional video editing tool, and you can do wonders if you know how to utilize it. There are various filters and special effects. You can even tweak the motion graphics. That’s not all. It covers the experience like 360-degree views and VR videos for a complete one-stop solution for everything related to videos.

Final Cut Pro For Windows 10 – Download Possible?

Is Final Cut Pro available for Windows users? No. It is exclusively for users with a macOS. Hence, it will work only with Apple Macbooks and other similar systems. There isn’t any crack or hack available to make it usable on Windows or Linux. It just won’t work.

Therefore, it is a better idea to look for alternatives. Given below is the list of some of the top options that we could find for Final Cut Pro. All of these went through careful research and examination.

However, if you’re not convinced or want to determine if these alternatives are indeed great, you can first get to the overview of Final Cut Pro.

We decided first to give you a good idea of Final Cut Pro, which worked as our ‘factor to consider while looking for Final Cut Pro alternatives.’

Final Cut Pro Features:

This is a quick list of features you will find in Final Cut Pro, and we’ve tried to use these as a baseline to find something similar for Windows. Some of the notable features are:

  • Motion Graphics Templates
  • Effects
  • 360-degree VR Editing
  • Advanced Color Grading
  • Presets
  • HDR Video Support
  • Asset Management
  • Plug-Ins
  • VR Headset Playback
  • Trimming and Moving Clips
  • Multicam Editing

Performance And User Experience:

This is the final determining quota for us before moving to bring you the best alternatives for Final Cut Pro for Windows. There are some particular benefits that Final Cut Pro brings to the table. It was some of the things that genuinely made it outside other competitors.

Organized And Intuitive:

Almost every tool, feature, and option in Final Cut Pro is clean and well-organized. It takes the user interface to the next level of comfort. Even each tool or feature has some ease of use additions.

For example, a magnetic timeline is excellent, but you can also provide them colors to easily distinguish between them.

High-Speed Delivery:

Video rendering has been one of the major problems for almost every video editing tool available. They can consume extensive hours just to render a single high-quality video.

However, Final Cut Pro solved this problem and brought us something that does the job way faster. Of course, it is also thanks to the utilization of Mac’s architecture, but still, it is incredibly smooth.

Best Alternatives To Final Cut Pro For Windows:

Now that you have enough information about Final Cut Pro, you can determine whether these Final Cut Pro alternatives we list down are indeed good or not. You can now compare them to Final Cut Pro conveniently and choose which feature or aspect you like more.

Not all of these tools are similar. Some excel in a specific field much more than others. However, this is the closest or even better choice we could get to Final Cut Pro. With that in mind, let’s begin the list:

1. DaVinci Resolve 16

Standing on top of the list is DaVinci Resolve 16. The name might change over time, but the potential this video editing software has would remain throughout the ages. It is one of the best alternatives for Final Cut Pro that you can find. It has almost everything from video editing to rendering and even post-production tweakings.

DaVinci Resolve 16

Let’s try to put it in the ways you understand. DaVinci Resolve isn’t just a simple video editing tool. It is a complete production suite. More importantly, its capabilities are so brilliant that you can compare them to industrial standards. It has everything from bare-basic video editing tools to complete revamps.

In simple words, if you need something that can match the Hollywood production in quality while also providing you minimalist features like cut and trim, this is a perfect tool. It is available for free, but the subscription would open a new frontier to tools and features.

DaVinci Resolve is a top-notch tool with only one drawback. It needs a robust system to function optimally.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro has come a long way over the years and has consistently updated itself to be best-in-class. This is the reason that it is still one of the industrial standards. Whether you’re looking for a professional job or producing professional videos, Adobe Premiere Pro is something you should know. It is a professional video editing software. It is one of the closest options you have for Windows in comparison to Final Cut Pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro

However, Final Cut Pro is more intuitive and user-friendly. Meanwhile, Adobe Premiere is cluttered and full of various tools and features. There’s no doubt that you can do virtually anything with this software, but you need to learn them.

Overall, it is not a beginner-friendly tool but comes with tutorials and support to help you learn it. Once you get a hold of this tool, it stands on par with Final Cut Pro in every way possible.

3. Vegas Creative

When Vegas first came, it was owned by Sony and known as Sony Vegas Pro. That was the last of it before MAGIX took over the software.  They revamped and improved it beyond the imaginary capacities of a person. Among the top three software that is like Final Cut Pro, Vegas easily secures the position.

There are three versions available for you to use. You can use VEGAS Movie Studio, VEGAS Pro, and VEGAS Post Suite.

Vegas Creative

If you can get your hands on all three, nothing can stop you from rolling out high-quality productions. However, VEGAS Pro is the one that matches Final Cut Pro toe-to-toe. It suffices as one of the best video editing tools for Windows.

However, it is one of the more costly alternatives. You do get a highly intuitive, easy-to-use professional video editing tool similar to Final Cut Pro, but you compromise the speed. Vegas can support up to 8K resolution and take a while to render videos and save them. Hence, you would need a robust system for it.

4. Cyberlink Powerdirector

If you’re a content creator who needs something easy on the system while providing all the enticing features of Final Cut Pro, Cyberlink Powerdirector will fall right in your alignment. It is excellent right from the start. You have easy-to-use and highly intuitive software, which makes almost everything easy to achieve.

Cyberlink Powerdirector

With the subscription, you gain access to various professional designs, videos, content, images, and much more. Hence, you can conveniently use them to make some of the most appealing video content to be found on the internet. You even gain access to sound libraries and music. What else do you need?

This is the most content creator-friendly tool that we’ve come across. It has everything from special effects to fundamental editing tools. While it is not a top-notch production tool like Davinci or Vegas, it is entirely on par with Final Cut Pro for the straightforward design and appeal.

5. KdenLive

KdenLive is the top choice if you want the best free alternative to Final Cut Pro. It is open-source software available primarily for Linux but has ported to Windows. There are virtually no limits to the things this software can do. It has everything from the latest features to effects and much more. Of course, as it is open-source, it is community-developed and maintains a user-friendly approach.


More importantly, it doesn’t require a robust system to run. You can use it with a standard or even low-powered system conveniently without any drawbacks. It can also support, read and produce various file formats. While it might seem simple to use, the more you explore it, the more you will learn. You have a tool with limitless potential. But of course, it can’t match Hollywood-level production.

Overall, the best option you have as far as ‘free tool’ is your requirement. If you have money to buy software, then you do have many other better options available.

6. VideoProc

If we go back to the premium choices, then VideoProc might be the best option you have. It offers almost everything that Final Cut Pro could offer, plus more. That’s expected as it is a software tool available for both Windows and macOS, making it well-versed. It is highly comparable with various file types, and you can mold it according to your editing style and requirements.


VideoProc is also relatively faster, perhaps even quicker than Final Cut Pro in rendering videos. It can support the highest quality videos available. From simple editing to adding special effects or conducting thorough editing and modification, it offers everything. The system requirement will depend on your video production requirements. Hence, it can work even with the low-powered options if your needs are bare basic.

It is intuitive and also looks quite stylish, much different from other tools on the list. You might even consider it to be the top choice and best in class that you can get. It even supports hardware accelerations, GPUs, and many other essentials to bring you a well-versed experience.

7. VSDC Video Editor

Most of the above-given tools are similar to Final Cut Pro but slack in some areas for some reason. Some have slower rendering, or others are not as user-friendly. Even VideoProc is a more enhanced and improved version of Final Cut Pro available at a cost. All of this leads us to VSDC Video Editor.

VSDC Video Editor

This is the people’s ‘Go To’ software when they want a complete alternative to Final Cut Pro For Windows. It is almost like a complete copy, with different names for tools, features, and Windows-specific interface. It supports everything like Multicam editing, plug-ins, VR, 360-degree videos, and much more.

There’s just one drawback. It doesn’t have much in terms of GPU acceleration. Still, it is the closest you can get to Final Cut Pro that is user-friendly. It also has too many ads for the freemium version. You can upgrade to remove these advertisements. With standard system requirements, this is perhaps the best counterpart to Final Cut Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do You Have To Purchase Final Cut Pro For Mac?

Yes. Final Cut Pro Mac comes with a one-time cost for a lifetime license agreement. You can add it while you’re customizing your Mac at a startup. It is reasonably straightforward to add it to the list. Final Cut Pro is not available for free for Apple Users.

What Should Be The System Requirement For Video Editing Tools?

Many tools claim that you can go as long as 1GB RAM, no GPU, and minimum storage. However, if you genuinely want to enjoy the best software available, you should at least opt for:

  • 8 GB RAM Or More
  • New Gen Processor (AMD Ryzen or i5, at least)
  • Double the storage requirement of the tool
  • A Good Performance GPU Setup

Of course, you would also need Display or Display capacities that would support your screen resolution. For example, 4K UHD for 4K video resolution and so on. It keeps things more precise.

Are Free Video Editing Tools Worth It?

Not all of them. We’ve tried to bring you the ones that are quite good in the ‘free’ spectrum. You can’t just use any rag-tag-free video editing tool and expect it to bring you something similar to Final Cut Pro in terms of results.

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This wraps up the list for the best alternative to Final Cut Pro For Windows. These software can also be considered as Final Cut Pro X alternatives. As mentioned earlier, Final Cut Pro is not available for Windows. If anyone tells you that they have a method to use it on Windows, please don’t fall for it. Using the emulators will take quite a toll on your system that it would be better to use other premium-end tools.

With that said, we hope that you found some useful tools available for your video editing or content creation requirements. We tried to add some of the best ones after comparing each one to Final Cut Pro. Therefore, we hope that you are getting something that meets your needs.

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