How to Fix AirPods Disconnecting from iPhone (Different Methods)

AirPods are a boon to music lovers. With its extreme sound quality and exceptional features, AirPods continues to stay at the top when it comes to wireless earphones.

However, electronic devices bring in new problems along with them. One of the common issues that AirPods users face is the constant disconnection in the middle.

Fix AirPods Disconnecting from iPhone

Imagine jamming to a beat, and your AirPods suddenly disconnect. A total mood spoiler, isn’t it? Luckily, there are various ways to fix this problem. As you read the post ahead, you’ll find several solutions that you can try to fix the AirPods disconnecting issue and have an uninterrupted jamming session! 

How To Fix Airpods Disconnecting From iPhone:

Here are some ways to fix if your AirPods are disconnecting from your iPhone:

1. Checking Bluetooth

 Another method to fix the AirPods disconnecting is to ensure that the Bluetooth is enabled. To check the Bluetooth settings given below.

Step 1: Go to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. 

Step 2: Go to the Bluetooth option from the settings.

Go To Bluetooth Option

Step 3: You will see the toggle is green if the Bluetooth is enabled. If not, you can toggle the switch.

Check If Your Bluetooth is on or not

An alternate way to check whether the Bluetooth is on is by going to the control center and check whether the Bluetooth is activated. You will see the Bluetooth is blue if it’s activated similarly. If the Bluetooth is disabled, you can tap on the Bluetooth icon until it turns blue. You can also turn it off and then turn on the Bluetooth.

2. Checking your battery levels

Checking your AirPods battery level is one of the most basic steps to fix AirPods discounting from iPhone. Make sure your AirPods have a sufficient battery level. If the battery level is low, you won’t be able to pair it with your iPhone.

To check your battery level follow the below steps.

Step 1: Besides your iPhone, open the lid of your AirPods and hold the case.

Step 2: A popup will appear on the iPhone, displaying the battery levels. 

Battery Levels Of Your AirPods

An alternate way to check battery levels is through the batteries widget. All you need to do is swipe on the home page from left to right and scroll down. You will be able to see the battery percentage.

Note: If you are using iPhone 6 or later with iOS 13, you won’t see the battery percentage with a popup. You will have to look for the battery percentage in such a situation manually. 

3. Disconnecting And Reconnecting Them Again.

This method can solve various problems associated with your AirPods.

Step 1: Put your AirPods inside the case and shut the lid.

Step 2: Wait for 15 seconds and then open the AirPods lid.

Step 3: Press the setup button located on the case’s back.

Step 4: Wait for the light to turn white. 

Step 5: Your AirPods are now reset to connect your AirPods again. Make sure your Bluetooth is enabled.

Step 6: Now, follow the setup option on your device.

4. Try using one AirPod

According to various reports, this problem happens less if you are using only one AirPods. You can leave one AirPods in the charging case while using only one. 

5. Try to clean your AirPods

Sometimes the problem may occur if your AirPods are exposed to dirt. Therefore you might want to clean them.

Remember, you don’t want to create any marks or scratches on the case of AirPods. Make sure to clean them gently and with a delicate hand.

6. Checking audio device settings

Anywhere way is to make sure you’ve selected AirPods as the air device. Remember, this can happen automatically since the AirPods detects your ears, but if it didn’t happen automatically you manually select the options.

When music is playing, press on the airplay option that appears right below the soundtrack. Now select AirPods from the given options. Similarly, if you’re in a call, ensure that your AirPods are selected from the given options that appear on the screen while making the call.

7. Unpairing your watch

Sometimes the issue arises when your pair Apple Watch and AirPods. One of the easiest methods is to try unpairing your Apple Watch and check if the issue is still arising. Additionally, you can also unpair the other Bluetooth gadgets if they must be causing an issue. 

8. Turning off ear detection

No wonder that ear detection is an amazing feature for AirPods. However, sometimes it is better to turn off the feature to check whether your AirPods work better without it. You can turn off ear detection by following the steps below:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone. 

Step 2: Head to the Bluetooth option. 

Go To Bluetooth Option

Step 3: A small i button will appear beside your AirPods’ name. Tap on it.

Click On The i Button

Step 4: You can now turn off the ear detection, and in case you need to turn it on, you can follow the same method.

Turn Off Automatic Ear Detection

9. Turning off wifi on your iPhone

Apparently, there is no valid reason as to why this method is beneficial. However, multiple users have claimed that turning the Wi-fi of their iPhone helped them to solve the issue. You can easily disable the Wi-fi by going to the Settings > Wi-fi > Toggle the Switch

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Final Thoughts

AirPods are one of the best wireless earphones with exceptional features. Going wireless always comes in handy, especially when you are not a fan of wired headphones that often end up getting broken. 

Nevertheless, if you are facing issues of disconnection of AirPods, you can always rely on the methods mentioned above. If you still face the problem after trying all the methods mentioned in the list, we recommend contacting the official Apple customer support team or visit the nearest Apple Store to get them checked. Sometimes, the problem may occur within the software. 

We hope our article helped you to fix your problem. Over to you, which method worked for you to fix the issue? Let us know in the comments section below!

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