How to Share Your Screen on Zoom (Different Methods)

After the pandemic, Zoom has become the go-to spot for all companies and schools. Whenever there is a meeting, everyone has to switch on their laptop and look out for Zoom.

How to Share Your Screen on Zoom

Using Zoom is easy, but some not-so-geek people find it a bit difficult when it comes to sharing their screen on the Zoom meeting. Here’s how to share your screen on a Zoom meeting.

Best Methods to Share Your Screen on Zoom (100% Working)

These are some of the best methods to share your screen on Zoom:

Method #1: For Desktop

  • Open the application on your desktop and join the meeting.
    open zoom application
  • At the bottom of the screen or the top of the screen, you will find a menu with several options like Mute, Chat Box, and Screen Share. Here, you will find a Green Button with an upward arrow. Click on it.
    share screen on zoom
  • This will provide you 3 different options, i.e., Screen 1, Screen 2, and a White Board. Select the one as per your preference.

Well, that’s all you need to do to share the screen on Zoom. With good internet connectivity, viewers won’t be facing any problem, and thus, the presentation will be visible clearly.

Method #2: For Desktop

Just in case if you are having a problem with the first method, you can go for this method and get the job done. This method doesn’t require you to join the meeting.

  • Open the application.
    Join Meeting on zoom
  • There will be an option to host a meeting on the main page of the application. Here, you will find the option to Share Screen. Select the option.
  • Once you select the option, you will be required to share the Meeting ID. As soon as you provide the details, the meeting will start immediately, and your screen will be shared with others.

Method #3: For Mobile App

Zoom is working on this method as of now. Sharing a screen on Zoom via mobile is not possible, and therefore, there is no legitimate process for the same.

join meeting on zoom app

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long can a meeting last in Zoom?

Zoom has a compulsory stop option every 40 minutes. Therefore, if you don’t have the premium package, all the meetings will end in 40 minutes.

Can Everyone share the screen on Zoom?

Zoom believes in maintaining the discipline and decorum of the meeting. Therefore, the host has the power to regulate stuff like this. The host can give exclusive access to the one who is looking forward to sharing his screen.

How many members can join a Zoom meeting?

Under the default plan, a total of 100 participants can join the meeting. However, to increase the limit to 1000 users, one can get the large meetings add-on to solve the participant’s problem.

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Sharing a screen holds a lot of essential tasks. Presentation is one of the essential aspects to start with a meeting. From discussing the different industries to showing the growth prospects in one of them, it is important for the clients to have a presentation appealing enough to get the team to agree.

In this time of the pandemic, no one knows when we will be returning back to normal life. Therefore, it becomes an important task for all of us to be aware of the different ways to share screens on Zoom.

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