Fake iPhone 12 – How to identify Your iPhone Is Real Or Fake? 

One of the most important things to be considered when you are buying any gadget is whether it is genuine or fake, especially when you are considering buying a fantastic gadget like an iPhone 12/iPhone 12 pro.

This article will discuss how to identify and distinguish fake iPhone 12 from the original iPhone 12. A few years back, the cloning of iPhones was done poorly, due to which it was easy to spot a fake iPhone, but from the past few years, the fake iPhones are made so well that it has become challenging to spot the fake one.

Fake iPhone 12

In this article, we will not only help you by explaining how to identify whether the iPhone is fake or real through its factors like the size of the button, the Apple logo, the placements of buttons, but also we’ll inform you about the internal system indicators that you should check before purchasing the iPhone 12/iPhone 12 pro.

How to know if your iPhone is fake or original?

Hardware indicators, Software indicators, and System indicators are the three types of indicators mentioned below that will help you identify and distinguish the real iPhone 12 from the fake one.

Hardware Indicators:

  • Positions of physical buttons- On real iPhone 12, the volume button and ringer button are placed on the upper left side of the phone, whereas the sleep/wake button is placed on the top right corner.

Positions of physical buttons

Before buying your iPhone 12, do check whether the buttons are in the exact positions that are mentioned above or not. If not, then that device is a fake model. In some of the latest fake models of iPhone 12, it is seen that the buttons are in the exact position, but the quality of the buttons is inferior, so be aware and check whether the buttons are loose or perfectly fitted.

  • Screen quality- iPhones use retina display for their screen with high pixel, which makes their screen more clear, sharp, crispy, and full of colors.Whereas the fake iPhones have very flat and pixelated screens due to their low-quality parts.
  • Fitting of the screws- The pentalobe security screws are used in the original models of iPhones with five lobes that provide a tamper-proof iPhone system. At the same time, the fake models use regular cross screws. This is one of the most critical indicators for buying an original iPhone 12.
  • Welcome Screen- One of the most helpful indicators that can help you if you cannot identify the fake iPhone through its physical features is the welcome screen. When you turn on your iPhone, the original iphone12 will have a logo of the iPhone on it, whereas the fake model will have a welcome screen with some words written on it.

Welcome Screen

On the home screen, you will see an iPhone store icon. Check whether that icon takes you to the iPhone store. If it doesn’t, then the iPhone you are holding is a fake model.

  • Default Fonts- Check whether the default font in the model of the iPhone 12 that you are holding is set in English. On the fake models, it is seen that when you check the font of your message, it shows Chinese characters.
  • The Apple logo- One of the most valuable and easy-to-understand indicators to identify whether the iPhone is fake or real is to check whether the Apple logo is present on the back of your iPhone or not. If not, then that model of iPhone is fake.

Apple Logo

However, some of the fake iPhone 12 are so well made that you might find the exact logo present on the phone’s backside. In such cases, just rub your finger on the logo. If you feel a transition from the phone cover to that Apple logo, then the iPhone is fake.

  • The number of Sim cards used- The original iPhone 12 can use only one sim card. If the iPhone you are holding is a dual sim iPhone, then that is a fake model. Even the label that says “ designed by Apple in California” and “assembled in China” should be present. If not, then the iPhone is fake.

Software Indicators:

  • Multi-tasking- If you want to check whether the iPhone you are buying is fake or real, you can test it by giving it a multi-task.Just launch a gaming application and leave it running in the background while operating other applications. If it lags, then the model of the iPhone 12 is fake as iPhones perform very smoothly even if multiple applications are running.
  • Quick scrolls- Quick scroll test to left and right will quickly tell you whether the iPhone is genuine or not. The fake iPhone 12 will lag and won’t match your scrolls’ speed.
  • Camera performance- A fake iPhone 12 can never match the real iPhone 12, as the camera quality of the actual iPhone 12 is very high and superior. In contrast, the fake iPhone takes blurry and unclear pictures. You can always check the camera quality even through other camera modes and check whether the iPhone is real or fake.

System Indicators:

  • Siri- Fake iPhone models cannot support Siri at all. If Siri is not available, then the iPhone model is fake.
  • Check the operating system- Apple uses iOS as their official operating system. If there is any other operating system installed in the device, then it is a clone of iPhone 12. 
  • Memory capacity- If you find a memory card slot on the back of your iPhone, you are looking at a fake iPhone 12 because the original iPhone 12 has a fixed memory capacity that cannot be expanded.
  • iTunes- Trying to run your iPhone with iTunes while connected to a computer. If it does not run or shows some error, then that iPhone model is undetectable and fake.
  • Serial number- You can verify your serial number by checking it on the website. If the website says that the code is invalid, it is fake. For getting your serial number, just click on “Setting,” select “General,” and then click on “About.”There you can get your serial number or just dial the code “#06#” on your dialer to obtain your iPhone 12 serial number.
  • Built-in Applications- Applications such as Calculator, Compass, Settings, Voice memos, Music, and Photos should be present in your iPhone 12. If even a single one of the mentioned applications are missing, the iPhone might be fake.

Built-in Applications

To be entirely sure, try to restore the original firmware. If some of the mentioned applications are still missing, then the iPhone model you are holding is fake.

Before Buying an iPhone or Apple device

  • Price attention- Make sure that the iPhone that you are buying is at regular rates and not much cheaper than that. There are chances that you might fall for a fake iPhone 12 to get it at a cheaper rate.
  • Visit Apple store- If your iPhone 12 model has passed all the indicators mentioned above in the article. However, you still feel some grey areas, then take your iPhone model to an Apple store where the technician will run a diagnostics test to check whether the iPhone model is real or fake.
  • Warranty- The fake iPhone 12 dealers will not give you any warranty for your new iPhone 12, which will tell you that he is selling you a fake iPhone 12.

Frequently Asked Question:

Can you know the difference between the fake iPhone 12 and the original iPhone 12?

In the article mentioned above, we have sorted three types of indicators – Hardware indicators, Software indicators, and System indicators that would help you know the difference between the fake iPhone 12 and the original iPhone 12.

Do fake iPhones have serial numbers?

If the iPhone is fake, it uses a fake serial number which Apple does not support. You can check the validity of the serial number on the website.

Can you use facetime on a fake iPhone?

As the iPhone is fake, the serial number won’t be accepted; hence facetime won’t be accessible to fake iPhones.

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With the indicators mentioned above in this article, you will identify and distinguish the fake iPhone 12 and real iPhone 12. Please beware of the fake iPhones while buying by putting them through the tests, checking them through the indicators mentioned in this article, and enjoying the actual iPhone 12.

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