How to Fix Apple Watch Not Charging (Different FIXES Listed)

Apple’s introduction of the smart Watch was one of the greatest inventions of the company. Globally, Apple Watch is emerging as a lead between the smartwatches with exceptional functions and options within. 

Every year, Apple introduces a new series with enhanced features and looks of the Apple Watch. Despite the skyrocket sales of the watch, users commonly face the issue of Apple Watch not charging. 

Apple Watch Not Charging

If you are one of the users who is going through the same, don’t worry. In this article, we have listed some of the easiest solutions to fixing the issue so that you can save time and enjoy your experience. 

Ways To Fix Apple Watch Not Charging

Here are some different methods you can try if your Apple Watch is not charging:

1. Check Whether Your Apple Watch Is Charging

When you plug in your Apple Watch with its charging cord and turn it on, you can see a green lightning bolt appear on the device. If there is, the watch is at least conscious that it is plugged in and is attempting to charge. If you see the icon but your watch isn’t charging, it’s most likely a tech error. If it’s plugged in but the symbol doesn’t appear, it’s more than likely a hardware problem.

Check If the Lightning Bolt is showing

If your watch needs to be charged, a red lightning bolt will display on the clock. Charge your watch for up to 30 minutes if the screen is blank or you see the Apple Magnetic Charging Cable symbol and a red lightning bolt on the screen. 

2. What If You Don’t See The Lightning Bolt Icon?

Let’s assume your device is connected in but not charging, and the charging symbol (a lightning bolt) isn’t noticeable on the clock. The first thing you can check is if the Apple Magnetic Charging Cable is completely inserted into the USB Power Adaptor, as this suggests a hardware problem. After that, double-check that the adaptor is fully plugged into a wall socket.

3. Try a new outlet to Charge your iWatch:

If all is safely wired in but no lightning bolt symbol shows, try a separate power outlet. When you’re at home, go to a nearby space and find an outlet there, or if that’s not an option, switch to another floor. If you need to charge your watch when out and about, head to a nearby place, then use an outlet there instead.

4. Ensure that the Magnetic charger and back of your watch is clean

Sometimes dust plays a vital role in creating unnecessary errors in charging. There are endless possibilities of dust getting involved either on a Magnetic charger or your watch. Make sure you clean your charger and watch gently before charging. 

5. Avoid third-party charging stand 

Make sure you’re charging your watch with the Apple Magnetic Charging Cable and the USB Power Adaptor that came with it. If you decide to use either third-party option with one of these devices, the results may not be how you anticipated.

Use Only Apple Hardware To Charge Apple Watch

There are several websites where you can find substitutes for both of these devices. They could be less costly than buying an Apple product. However, there is no assurance that they will perform as planned. They can trigger your watch to charge slowly or not at all, depending on your preferences.

6. Check if there’s any external damage

Check at the watch, the Charging Cord, and the USB Power Adaptor out if any of them have any visible external damage. Whether the watch’s glass is cracked or there’s anything more wrong with it, that’s more probably why it’s not charging. 

Also, in the situation of the Charging Wire, make sure to check the cable thoroughly. You can analyze whether there is any physical damage to the cable. If any damage is visible, you’ll have to find substitutes. 

7. Try using different Charging Cable and USB Power Adapter

If the watch is still not charging and you believe the problem is with the accessories, consider removing them. You may be able to borrow a Charging Cord or a USB Power Adaptor from a friend or family if you don’t want to pay for new ones. Ensure the ones they have are from the same generation as yours.

8. Removing the plastic wrap

Even though this might sound very basic, plastic wrap plays a vital role in creating charging issues. When you purchase a new charger, there’s a plastic wrap on both sides. When you are charging your watch, make sure that the plastic wraps are completely removed from both sides of the charger. 

9. Force restart your watch 

If none of the methods work from the list above, forcing your watch to restart is the last option. To force restart your device, hold and press the digital crown of your Apple watch with the side button until you see the Apple logo on your screen.

Force Restart Your Apple Watch 

Note: Remember to remove the charger before you force restart your watch. If your watch is connected to the charger, the Apple watch will not force restart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my apple watch not charging?

There might be an issue with your charger or maybe the magnetic side is damaged. There can be a lot of reasons for your Apple Watch not charging. We have listed almost every possibility with its solution.

How do I reset an unresponsive Apple Watch?

If your Apple Watch is not responding then you can force restart it by pressing the side button and Digital Crown both and hold it for 10 seconds. You can release them when you see the Apple Logo.

Why does my Apple Watch have a red lightning bolt?

When your Apple Watch reaches low battery levels, it starts showing the red lightning bolt.

How do I know if my Apple Watch is not charging?

If your Apple Watch is not showing a green lightning bolt even if it is plugged in then it means your Apple Watch is not charging.

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Final Thoughts

Apple Watch has played a vital role in changing people’s lives and helped everyone live a smart life. With exceptional and helpful features, the Apple watch continues to emerge as one of the best smartwatches. 

If the methods above do not solve the issue, we suggest contacting the Apple support team or visiting the nearest Apple center as you will get an exact answer to why your device is not charging. 

We hope you were able to fix the Apple watch not charging issue with the steps mentioned above. Let us know which method worked the best for you in the comments section below.

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