5+ Best Web Browser for Roku (Updated 2021)

Despite having massive competition, Roku is still very popular among its 51.2 million monthly users. 

Roku is a video content streaming device. It has everything. If you are fond of original channels and cable networks, you can find them on Roku. And if you like streaming OTT apps like Netflix, you can find them on Roku as well.

If you ask us, streaming OTT apps with Roku is better than without Roku. This is because you can have all your subscriptions in one place, plus if you’re ever in the mood to browse cable networks, it’s there too. 

Best Web Browser for Roku

All in all, Roku is a great device to watch TV for both the old and new generations. And if that was not enough, you can also browse the Internet on it.

Yes, there are many options for you to browse the net on Roku, and in this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about it.

Are there any web browsers for Roku?

Yes. Although there are not many in numbers, they work decently.

Let’s learn about these browsers in detail now.

List of 5 Best Web Browsers for Roku

We’ve picked out for you the five best Roku web browsers. They are: 

  1. POPRISM Web Browser
  2. Xfinity
  3. Media Browser for Roku
  4. Web Browser X
  5. Web Video Caster

Let’s dive into a little more detail.


POPRISM lets you browse stuff on the Internet on Roku. It is a free platform and does not require any money spending. 


Some of you may not find this very useful as it is just an experimental text-based browser. Text-based means that you would not see any graphics, images, and videos on sites you visit. 

But other than that, if you have no issue surfing on a browser that shows only texts, then POPRISM is a pretty decent one for you. 

The app developer has admitted that it may crash now and then, but it is an entirely safe platform and does not steal your information. 

2. Xfinity 

Xfinity is one of the best apps on our list. You can browse movies, videos, series, songs and rent and buy them. 


If you are mainly a fan of music, you will love this app as it has a wide variety of music in one place. 

This app is loved by people due to its modern interface, making it easy for people to use it. 

3. Media Browser 

The Media Browser is an excellent app for browsing the net. It is one of the best on our list as it is designed to surf even the hefty content without lagging. 

Media Browser

Moreover, the interface of the app is quite appealing too. It is not precisely very modern and advanced, though it is not a total spoilsport. 

The downside of the Media Browser is that you would not be able to play videos on it. So if you are fond of sites like Youtube, we suggest looking for some other Roku browser.

All in all, this is a reasonable app. The best part being it is free of cost. 

4. Web Browser X

This one is undoubtedly the best browser app on our list. It is the best means to search on Roku.

Web Browser X 

With Web Browser X, you can get a kick out of your favorite movies, series, documentaries, etc. You can surf on Google and search for anything that you like. Unlike POPRISM, this app supports images. 

On top of all that, this web browser also lets you bookmark your favorite pages.

However, one thing you’re not going to get here is a sleek and modern design. The structure is a bit outdated. Also, it might not handle sites like Youtube very well. 

This is a paid service and charges $4.99 monthly.

5. Web Video Caster

With Web Video Caster, you can browse websites seamlessly, watch TV, stream movies, live streams, etc. You can also cast the videos and images on your phone on a web video caster.

Web Video Caster

This application is free of cost. Users can upgrade to the premium, which is $4.99 (one-time payment). The premium version includes search history, bookmarked pages, an ad-free experience, and a custom homepage.

Are there any other alternatives to browse the Internet on Roku?

Although these apps are somewhat decent, they might not satisfy everyone’s expectations and wants. 

In this 5G generation, where everything happens super fast and smoothly, most of these browsers are comparatively slow, plus they lack many superior qualities. 

So, here the question arises. Are there any alternatives to these slow browsers? The answer is yes. There is one- Screencasting or Screen Mirroring.

Now, what is Screencasting/Screen Mirroring? Let’s find out. 

These two terms mean casting your smartphone’s content on your TV in simple words. It is like using a mirror.

Below is a step-by-step guide to screencast a web browser on your Roku device.

Step 1: Go to the “Settings” menu on your Roku device.

Settings Menu On Roku

Step 2: Under the “Settings” menu, click on the “System” sub-menu.

Step 3: Now, you will find a Screen Mirroring section. Click on that. 

Step 4: Once you’re in the Screen Mirroring section, you get three options to choose from- Prompt, Always Allow, and Never Allow. Upon choosing Prompt, your Roku device will notify you whenever a device tries to connect to it. Therefore it’s the recommended option. 

Screen Mirroring Mode

Step 5: Connect your device to your Roku. There are so many devices that you can connect to your Roku. Hence it isn’t very easy to write the steps for each device. To find out the steps, google your device’s name followed by the terms “screen mirroring,” and you’ll find the steps in seconds. 

Step 6: On your Roku screen, you will find a screen mirroring request (only if you’ve not chosen the “Always Allow” option). Accept the request, and you’re good to go. Use your phone, and the exact things will be mirrored on your TV screen. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Internet browser is the best for Roku?

Web Browser X is without question the best among the other apps. 

Can I use Google on Roku?

You can use Google on Roku by using web browsers or by screen mirroring method. 

How to connect Google Assistant on Roku?

Yes, you can connect your phone’s Google Assistant to your Roku by adding your smart TV as a device in the settings.

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Final Thoughts 

Since most of the web browser apps are slow and not appealing to use, screen mirroring is by far the best option to browse on your Roku. But if you’re okay with a bit of slow technology, then you can skip the extra steps of connecting your phone to your Roku. 

We hope you liked our article about Roku web browsers. Share in the comments which one of the apps you’d like to use or if you liked the screen mirroring alternative more than the apps.

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