Dropbox vs Google Drive – Which Is the Best Cloud Storage?

Do you need a cloud storage service to store your documents, pictures, and videos? Well, Dropbox and Google Drive are always the top option, when it comes to cloud storage. But which one should you choose?

Dropbox VS Google Drive

There is no surprise; both of them are the biggest cloud storage providers right now, with a range of useful features. That’s why I am here with this detailed head-to-head comparison between Dropbox and Google Drive.

Dropbox vs Google Drive – Detailed Comparison

This post will provide you a detailed comparison of both cloud storage services, including their features and pricing. So, you can quickly decide which suits your storage needs. Read on further.

1. Free Storage

Luckily, both provide you free storage space for those who do not have bulk data to store. So, you can choose the free storage space if you have few files to store. Google Drive initially provides you 15GB of free storage space, far better than Dropbox, which offers you only 2GB of free storage space.

Dropbox free storage

Dropbox also offers additional free storage of 500MB on referring to a friend or family member. Moreover, you can even expand up to 16GB. This cloud storage platform also provides you 125GB additional storage on writing a short note for Dropbox why you like it.

Google drive free storage

No surprise, Dropbox expanding storage space is much better than Google Drive, but it seems to be daunting to compel anyone to use Dropbox. Ultimately, the free storage space of Google Drive is better than that of Dropbox.

Who is the Winner? 

Google Drive wins the battle of free storage space.

2. File Syncing

As far as file syncing is concerned, you like Dropbox, allowing file syncing on operating systems and multiple devices, including mobile phones and another desktop. Moreover, it supports smart syncing and Linux too. And this thing set Dropbox separate from any other cloud storage service provider.

Luckily, Google Drive also supports file syncing on operating systems and multiple devices. However, it doesn’t support file syncing Linux. Moreover, Google Drive is initially a file storage platform, not a file syncing.

Like Dropbox supports the file changes while syncing, Google Drive doesn’t provide you the same. This means you need to re-download or re-upload the entire files if you want to sync them. That could be time-consuming.

Who is the Winner? 

Without any doubt, Dropbox wins the battle of file syncing. Because Google Drive only allows you to sync a particular selected file and has block-level synchronization, which doesn’t allow you to sync multiple files at one time.

3. File Sharing

Whenever it comes to buying cloud storage services, the file-sharing feature always comes on top. Because it allows you to send files and folders even to multiple people at one time well, both the cloud storage services offer you the ease of file sharing.

Google drive File Sharing

Google Drive allows you to share even the folders using the web browser interface and mobile. Moreover, you can share the file with an email access option and share them with your trusted partners. The plus point is that it also allows you to edit and view the file with those you share the file.

However, the only downside here is that you need to encrypt your files with passwords because if you don’t secure your files, your data will be at greater risk if you don’t move your files.

Dropbox file sharing

On the other side, Dropbox also offers the flexibility of file sharing and folder sharing. But the thing that keeps it above Google Drive is, business accounts or professional holders can secure their files with passwords and expiry dates. This will help to protect the data in the long term.

Like Google Drive, you can also give the viewing and editing permission to the share partners. Users can also create portfolio pages with showcase features like Dropbox media. This can be best for professional use.

The share page feature makes it easier to view which files and the folders you permitted others to share.

Who is the Winner? 

Here, the ultimate winner is Dropbox in terms of file sharing and protection for user’s data.

4. Security and Privacy

Today cybersecurity is a big concern when it comes to file sharing. Because many hackers these days are raising heads to steal your data. Dropbox provides 128-bit AES standard data encryption and 256-bit AES when at rest. This keeps your data secure and protected from hackers.

It also provides you two-factor authentication that keeps unauthorized users away from the data and doesn’t allow them to steal your information. In addition to this, the version rollback also allows you to update the files and provide you protection against some hackers.

Dropbox vs Google drive

On the same side, Google also provides standard security and file encryption features to keep your data secure. It uses 256-bit AES standard encryption when your files are in a transit state and uses 128-bit AES encryption and protection when at rest.

Like Dropbox, Google Drive also offers two-factor authentication and various other features that make it perfect for business use. Moreover, Google Drive also meets security standards like PCI DSS, ISO 27017, FISC compliance, and many more.

But on the same side, Dropbox also provides various privacy standards and multiple security features. However, it still doesn’t give you particular security.

Who is the Winner? 

Overall, in terms of security Google Drive lead than Dropbox. Google Drive provides clarity about their security standards and certification numbers which they hold internationally and domestically.

But that doesn’t mean Dropbox is nevertheless and doesn’t offer security; it also has its special, especially for operating business in Europe.

5. Outside Support & Productivity Options

Google Drive offers you excellent support and quickly saves the Gmail attachments, saves the files, and even stores the images and videos with Google Photos. You can even make collage easily with Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Slides. More than that, Google Drive has more than 100 compatible third-party apps which provide you better storage solutions than the competitors.

Dropbox customer service

But Dropbox here is not less than Google Drive. You can enjoy maximum third-party applications and partnership with Microsoft office. This allows you to open and edit documents within Dropbox itself. Like, Google Drive, you can even make a collage and collaborate easily.

There is a plus point of having Dropbox because it provides you integrated PDF sharing and viewing with Adobe. Besides that, Dropbox also integrates seamlessly with other services like Okta and Autodesk. Professional users can also have unlimited API access to data transport, productivity, and security.

Google drive customer service

This will help to provide creative solutions for business requirements. Notably, Dropbox offers various Desktop apps and other features that help to assemble the services and offer you a cleaner interface.

Who is the Winner? 

Dropbox here wins clearly because it is more user-friendly and excellent for business purposes and enterprise level. But Google is nevertheless better than Dropbox here but if you keep everything simple and effective. So, it depends on you what you prefer the most.

6. Premium Storage

If you are looking for maximum storage or business purpose, you need to hit the premium button. The fact is both of these cloud storage providers offer premium storage that allows you to expand storage space. But the question is, which provides you better storage packages.

Google drive price

Dropbox provides you four premium packages, out of which two are for personal use and two for team purposes. For personal use, DPX provides you 2TB storage space at just $10 per month.

You can also try a professional package that provides you 3TB space for just $17. The package also includes some handy features like watermarking, shared link controls, and others.

Dropbox price

Moreover, the standard and advance storage package is excellent for business and team users. These packages include other advanced features like built-in encryption, file recovery time, and others. You will get 5TB of storage space for just $12.50 per month.

On the other hand, the premium packages of Google Drive offer you three-tier premium plans. The first plan provides you 100GB of storage space for $2 per month. In this plan, you will get access to the Google experts and even add other members too. In the second plan, it provides you 200GB of space for $3. But now Google Drive also offers you additional premium plans like 30Tb storage space for $300 per month. And 2Tb for $10/month.

Who is the Winner? 

In terms of premium plans, both offer several advantages. But Dropbox still wins here in terms of pricing and features. Moreover, Dropbox’s business packages are excellent for entrepreneurs as they offer unlimited storage space for just $75. This could be far better than the premium plan provided by Google Drive.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Dropbox good for business purposes?

 Yes, Dropbox is excellent for business purposes. This provides you with an excellent premium plan, including unlimited storage space with two-factor authentications.

How much storage space Google Drive provides you for free?

Google Drive provides 15GB free storage space.

Which cloud storage is secure, Google Drive or Dropbox?

 Both provide excellent security and file encryption that keeps your data secure and reliable.

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Both the cloud storage spaces give tough competition to each other. It’s not easy to depict who wins, but if you see the overall features and premium plan, Dropbox wins. However, that doesn’t mean Google Drive is nevertheless better than this.

If you need cloud storage space for yourself, then Google Drive is good to go. But if you are an entrepreneur, then Dropbox is excellent for you. Dropbox offers some more extensive features. So, it’s over to you now, which cloud storage suits your needs the most.

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