10+ Richest Men in The World (Updated List Of 2021)

Did you know that there are 2,755 billionaires in the world? And their net worth, if added together, brings a total of $13.1 trillion. Now that’s a lot of money! With that kind of amount, you can spend your life buying something extremely expensive every single day, and a lot of it would still be left. 

Every year Forbes magazine releases a list of the richest people on earth. The names on the list keep changing every year, and so does the ranking. Once upon a time, the owner of Microsoft was the richest man on Earth, but he’s way down on the list now.

Richest Men In The World

Although a deadly pandemic hit the world in 2019-2020,  these rich people’s wealth didn’t lower. It increased by trillions!

In today’s article, we’re going to have a look at the latest top 10 wealthy people. Let’s check out who’s at the top of the world in 2021. 

Top 10+ Richest Men in the World 2021 (Updated)

So this is the list of the world’s top 10+ richest Men:

1. Jeffery Preston Bezos (Jeff Bezos) 

Currently, the richest man on earth is Jeff Bezos, with a net worth of $197 billion, $64 billion more than 2020. He is an entrepreneur by profession. He founded the company Amazon which is an online merchant site for thousands of varieties of products. He is also the company’s CEO. 


In 2020, Amazon experienced an upsurge which gained Bezos a lot of fortune and also the top spot on Forbes’ and Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index. 

Bezos was born in 1964 in New Mexico and has studied at Princeton University. He founded Amazon in 1994, which was only meant to be an online bookstore. The company began expanding to more products and became the largest online retailer globally.

2. Elon Reeve Musk 

The second on our list is Elon Musk, called “the biggest gainer in dollar terms.” The reason being that his current net worth is $187 billion, $126.4 billion more than a year ago. His net worth last year was $24.6 billion, and he was ranked at number 31 on the list. From 31st to 2nd in a year, now that’s a significant jump! 

Elon Musk is a business tycoon, an industrial designer, and an engineer. He founded the aerospace manufacturer and transportation company SpaceX, is the CEO and product architect of Tesla and founded The Boring Company. Mainly, he gained from SpaceX and Tesla. 

Elon Reeve Musk 

Musk was born in South Africa in 1971 and has gotten his education from the University of Pennsylvania. Musk founded and co-founded many business start-ups, including PayPal, which eBay later bought in 1999. He later founded SpaceX in 2002 and joined the Tesla company, which gained him major recognition worldwide.

3. Bernard Arnault

The third spot on our list is French billionaire Bernard Arnault with a net worth of $154 billion, nearly double what he was worth a year ago. His net worth last year was $76 billion. He owns many companies and is labeled the “world’s best tastemaker.” 

Bernard and his family own the very well-known French luxury goods company, Louis Vuitton.  Among his empire of 70 brands, along with LV, includes Sephora, jewelry brand Tiffany & Co., hotel company Belmond, and Christian Dior. 

Bernard Arnault

Bernard was born in 1949 in Roubaix, France, and completed his education at École Polytechnique and Palaiseau. At the start of his career, he worked in his father’s company. Later he started acquiring many different companies and built his empire. He’s also the richest man in France and Europe.

4. Bill Gates 

The former richest man in the world, Bill Gates, sits at the fourth spot on the world’s richest list. His current net worth is $146 billion. He was at the top of the list every year between 1995 to 2017 except 2010 and 2013. After 2017, Bill Gates was surpassed by Jeff Bezos and never made it to the top again.

Gates is a software developer, investor, and entrepreneur. He earned his fortune and popularity through his computer software company Microsoft. Gates co-founded the company with his childhood friend Paul Allen in New Mexico. 

Bill Gates 

Bill Gates was born in 1955 in Washington and went to pursue his education at Harvard University but didn’t complete his graduation and dropped out. Gates led Microsoft and was CEO until 2000. 

In 2006, he decided to play a part-time role in Microsoft and a full-time role in a charitable organization called Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with his wife, Melinda Gates. 

5. Mark Zuckerberg

On rank 5 are the tech entrepreneur and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, with a net worth of $120 billion. He is listed among the world’s most influential people. At the age of 23, Mark became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. 

Mark was born in 1984 in New York and pursued his education at Harvard University. He launched the social networking site Facebook sitting in his dormitory room in 2004. 

Mark Zuckerberg

The site was initially launched to a few selective college campuses. With the help of his roommate, the site spread to different universities, including Brown and Yale. In three years, the site gained 500 million users, and by 2012 it had reached the 1 billion mark. 

6. Warren Buffett 

On the sixth spot is Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, with a net worth of $106 billion. This is the first time since 1993 that Buffett hasn’t made it to the top five. 

Warren Buffett is an American investor, philanthropist, and business magnate. He is regarded as one of the most successful investors in the world. 

Warren was born in 1930 in Nebraska, US, and got his education from the University of Pennsylvania, University of Nebraska- Lincoln, and Columbia University. 

Warren Buffett 

Buffet has had an interest in investing since his youth and has been investing since then. In 1956, he created Buffett Partnership Ltd., which acquired Berkshire Hathaway, a textile manufacturing company. 

Warren Buffet founded a charity organization called The Giving Pledge. The members of this charity donate half of their total fortunes to the needy. Bill Gates is also a part of this organization. 

7. Larry Page

Sitting on the 8th spot is Larry Page, an American entrepreneur, and co-founder of Google, with a net worth of $107 billion. The pandemic hit hard, and due to people working from home and using Google services at all times, Larry Page’s net worth came up to a new level.

Larry Page

Larry was born in 1973 in Michigan, US, and got his education from the University of Michigan and Stanford University. Apart from an entrepreneur, he is also a computer scientist. Along with Google, he has co-founded Alphabet Inc. and co-created PageRank.

8. Sergey Brin 

Sergey Brin takes up the 9th spot on the list with a net worth of $104 billion. He is a co-founder of Google, and similar to Larry, his net worth also swelled up in 2021 due to the excessive use of the world’s most popular search engine. 

Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin is an American computer scientist and entrepreneur. Apart from being one of the founders of Google, he was the president of Alphabet Inc. until 2019, though he’s still one of the company’s shareholders.

Sergey Brin 

Brian was born in 1973 in Russia and did his studies at the University of Maryland, College Park, and Stanford University. He met Larry Page in Standard and built the search engine with him. 

After gaining popularity at the University, they gave up their Ph.D. studies and started developing Google in a garage in Menlo Park. 

9. Larry Elison

On rank seven is business magnate Larry Elison, co-founder of Oracle, with a net worth of $91.4 billion. He also has significant shares in the company Tesla Inc. which experienced an upsurge that resulted in favor of Elison’s fortune. 

Larry is a businessman and investor. He is the executive chairman and CTO of the Oracle Corporation, a multinational computer software company. It is the second-largest software company in the world after Microsoft. 

Larry Elison

Larry was born in 1944 in New York and pursued his education at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and the University of Chicago. Before becoming a billionaire, Elison worked as a government employee. 

Later during the 1970s, he began working for Ampex Corporation. As one of his projects, he created Oracle.

10. Mukesh Ambani 

The last billionaire on our list is a business tycoon named Mukesh Ambani, with a net worth of $75.6 billion. He is also the richest man in Asia. He beat Jack Ma of China, the former richest person in Asia, thanks to a favorable year. 

Mukesh Ambani is an Indian billionaire businessman. He is the chairman and shareholder of Reliance Industries, one of India’s most valuable companies. 

Mukesh Ambani 

Ambani was born in 1957 in the Colony of Aden (present-day Yemen). He got his education from St. Xavier’s College, Institute of Chemical Technology, and Stanford University, though he dropped out of Stanford. 

In the early years of his career, he joined his father’s oil refining and petrochemicals company, Reliance. The company also included telecommunications services. 

Reliance Jio became one of the top telecommunication services in India in 2016. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country has the most billionaires in the world?

Greater China has the most number of billionaires in the world in 2021. There are a total of 1,058 billionaires in that country.

Who is the youngest richest person in the world?

18-year-old Kevin David Lehmann is the youngest billionaire in the world in 2021. His current net worth is $3.3 billion and owns a drug store chain in Germany.

Are there any trillionaires?

No. Until now, there has not been a trillionaire in the world. A trillionaire is a thousand times more than a billionaire. 

What is the occupation of the richest man alive?

The richest man in 2021 is Jeff Bezos. He is an entrepreneur and founder of the biggest online merchant in the world, Amazon

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That was our list of the top 10 richest people on Earth. If you want to see your name on this list someday, then you might need to create something like SpaceX or Amazon or you might have to get to Stanford and then drop out. 

Jokes apart, what we can learn from these billionaires is that following your dream is the key. Start by doing something as simple as investing or developing a website or software with your techy friends. Who knows, you might be on the list someday. 

We hope you liked our article. Do leave your valuable feedback in the comment section.

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