50+ Most Powerful People In The World (Updated 2021)

One should have done something incredibly phenomenal in their respective fields in life to make it to the most powerful people in the world list. It is the influence each one of the people in the list has created in the minds of people and the legacy they have built over the years.

Most Powerful People In The World

Either in terms of economic development, business growth, popularity, etc will determine the position and the power they hold in the industry. You might be surprised to find new faces.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

It might take some time to go through all 50 personalities in the list so here are the top 10 most powerful people across the world updated in the year 2021:

  1.       Vladimir Putin
  2.       Xi Jinping
  3.       Donald Trump
  4.       Angela Markel
  5.       Narendra Modi
  6.       Warren Buffet
  7.       Pope Francis
  8.       Janet Allen
  9.       Bill Gates
  10.   Francois Hollande

Top 50+ Powerful People in The World (2021)

Now, let’s get to know a little bit about all the 50 powerful people who made it to the list.

1. Vladimir Putin

Nationality – Russian; Age – 68

Brief – Vladimir Putin is the President of Russia. His administration has led Russia’s influence to rise worldwide and his presidency has inspired neighboring leaders and grew the country’s economy drastically.


2. Xi Jinping

Nationality – Chinese; Age – 67

Brief – Xi Jinping is the President of China. He holds the title of “most prominent leader” who also served as the General Secretary since 2012. 


3. Donald Trump

Nationality – American; Age – 74

Brief – Donald Trump is the 45th president of the USA. He initially began his career in real estate.

Donald Trump

4. Angela Merkel

Nationality – German; Age – 66

Brief – Angela Merkel is assigned as the Chancellor of Germany since 2005. She is also the first woman to be assigned as the Chancellor of the country and a dominant leader in power.

Angela Merkel

5. Narendra Modi

Nationality – Indian; Age – 70

Brief – Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India. His administration focussed on modernizing India and improving the country’s infrastructure.

Narendra Modi

6. Warren Buffet

Nationality – American; Age – 90

Brief – Warren Buffet is the current CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. The company is a multinational conglomerate that has over 60 subsidiaries and big companies under its name.

Warren Buffet

7. Pope Francis

Nationality – Italian; Age – 84

Brief – Pope Francis is the leader of the faith of Catholics. The Pope has millions of followers not just from his religious statements but also speeches on the social and relevant topic on current affairs.

Pope Francis

8. Janet Yellen

Nationality – American; Age – 75

Brief – Janet Yellen is elected as the Chairperson of the Board Governor. She also worked as an economist for one year in the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

Janet Yellen

9. Bill Gates

Nationality – American; Age – 65

Brief – Bill Gates is the co-founder of the world-famous Microsoft Corporation and also the Chairman for a good few years. He is a software developer and also an aspiring investor.

Bill Gates

10. Francois Hollande

Nationality – French; Age – 66

Brief – Francois Hollande is an inspiring politician and also the Former President of France. He has introduced multiple beneficiary schemes.

Francois Hollande

11. Davide Cameron

NationalityBritish; Age – 54

Brief – David Cameron is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and also happens to be the youngest person to take the role as a Prime Minister.

Davide Cameron

12. Shinzo Abe

NationalityJapanese; Age – 66

Brief – Shinzo Abe is the President of Japan. He is the reason for Japan’s fast-growing advancement and technology.

Shinzo Abe

13. Jiang Jianqing

NationalityChinese; Age – 68

Brief – Jiang Jianquing has played multiple roles in his life. At the moment, he is the Chairman of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

Jiang Jianqing

14. Abigail Johnson

Nationality – American; Age – 59

Brief – Abigail Johnson is the CEO of the Fidelity Investments Corporation. She is also the Chairperson of Fidelity International Corporation.

Abigail Johnson

15. Larry Page

Nationality – American; Age – 48

Brief – Larry Page is one of the co-founders of Google Inc. Currently, he is a board member of Google’s parent company, Alphabet.

Larry Page

16. Jeff Bezos

Nationality – American; Age – 57

Brief – Jeff Bezos is the CEO and also the founder of Amazon, Inc. which is one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

Jeff Bezos

17. Mark Zuckerberg

NationalityAmerican; Age – 36

Brief – Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO and also the founder of Facebook, Inc. which is one the largest networking platforms in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg

18. Jamie Dimon

Nationality – American; Age – 65

Brief – Jamie Dimon is the CEO and also the Chairman of JPMorgan, which is an American investment company.

Jamie Dimon

19. Laurence D. Fink

Nationality – American; Age – 68

Brief – Laurence D. Fink, commonly referred to as Larry is the CEO and Chairman of BlackRock.

Laurence D. Fink

20. Li Ka-Shing

NationalityChinese; Age – 92

Brief – Li Ka-Shing is the Chairman and also the founder of CK Hutchison Holdings.

Li Ka-Shing

21. Sergey Brin

NationalityAmerican; Age – 47

Brief – Sergey Brin is one of the co-founders of Google, Inc. He is the CEO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet.

Sergey Brin

22. Mario Draghi

NationalityItalian; Age – 73

Brief – Mario Draghi is the Prime Minister of Italy. Before becoming the PM, he was the President of the European Central Bank.

Mario Draghi

23. Jack Ma

Nationality – Chinese; Age – 56

Brief – Jack Ma is the co-founder of Alibaba Group and the former chairman as well.

Jack Ma

24. Rob Walton and Jim Walton

Nationality – American; Age – 76, 72 (respectively)

Brief – Rob and Jim Walton took over their father’s company, Walmart, after his death. Now, they are the controlling shareholders and board members as well.

Rob Walton and Jim Walton

25. Carlos Slim Helu

NationalityMexican; Age – 81

Brief – Carlos Slim Helu is the founder of Grupo Carso and America Movil.

Carlos Slim Helu

26. Tim Cook

NationalityAmerican; Age – 60

Brief – Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple Inc. which is one of the largest technology and gadget manufacturing companies.

Tim Cook

27. Amancio Ortega

Nationality – Hispanic; Age – 85

Brief – Amancio Ortega is the former chairman and founder of Inditex Fashion Group.

Amancio Ortega

28. Dilma Rousseff

NationalityBrazilian; Age – 73

Brief – Dilma Rousseff is the President of Brazil. She has introduced income and several public schemes for the citizens of Brazil.

Dilma Rousseff

29. Wang Jialin

NationalityChinese; Age – 66

Brief – Wang Jialin is the founder of Dalian Wanda Group. He is a self-made billionaire.

Wang Jialin

30. King Salman Bin AbdulAziz Al Saud

NationalitySaudi; Age – 85

Brief – Salman Bin is the King of Saudi Arabia. His rule has helped in the development of rural areas.

King Salman Bin AbdulAziz Al Saud

31.Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud:

NationalitySaudi; Age – 35

Brief – Mohammed Bin Salman is crowned as the Prince of Saudi Arabia. He plays several roles in serving the country.

 Muhammad Bin Salman

32. Emmanuel Macron

Nationality – French; Age – 43

Brief – Emmanuel Macron is the President of France. He was an excellent republic politician.

Emmanuel Macron

33. Theresa May

Nationality – British, Age – 64

Brief – Theresa May is a former prime minister of the United Kingdom. She has several roles from party leader to the home secretary to a member of parliament.

Theresa May

34. Li Keqiang

Nationality – Chinese; Age – 65

Brief – Li Keqiang is the Prime Minister of China. He has ranked the top second place in the Politburo Standing Committee by the communist party in China.

Li Keqiang

35. Elon Musk

Nationality – American; Age – 49

Brief – Elon Musk is the founder of spacecraft manufacturing company, SpaceX. He is also the product architect of Tesla.

Elon Musk

36. Kim Jong Un

NationalityNorth Korean; Age – 37

Brief – Kim Jong Un is the Prime Minister of North Korea. He is a supreme and prominent leader.

Kim Jong Un

37. Satya Nadella

Nationality – Indian-American; Age – 53

Brief – Satya Nadella is the current CEO of Microsoft. Previously, he was the executive vice president for Microsoft’s Cloud and enterprising group.

Satya Nadella

38. Ali Hosseini Khamenei

NationalityIranian; Age – 81

Brief – Ali Hosseini Khamenei is the supreme leader of Iran. He is a former president of the country.

Ali Hosseini Khamenei

39. Michael Bloomberg

Nationality – American; Age – 79

Brief – Michael Bloomberg is the CEO and also the founder of Bloomberg L.P. which is a media company.

Michael Bloomberg

40. Moon Jae-In

NationalitySouth Korean; Age – 68

Brief – Moon Jae-In is the President of South Korea and the commander-in-chief for the Korean armed forces.

Moon Jae-In

41. Steve Schwarzman

NationalityAmerican; Age – 74

Brief – Steve Schwarzman is the CEO and also the founder of The Blackstone Group.

Steve Schwarzman

42. Ginni Rometty

NationalityAmerican; Age – 63

Brief – Ginni Rometty is a business executive and chairperson of IBM. She was also the former CEO.

Ginni Rometty

43. Beyonce and Jay Z

Nationality – Americans; Age – 39, 51 (respectively)

Brief – Beyonce is a singer while Jay Z is a rapper and also an entrepreneur. Both made big moves and have succeeded in exceptional stages.

Beyonce and Jay Z

44. Robin Li

NationalityChinese; Age – 52

Brief – Robin Li is the co-founder of the Chinese independent search engine, Baidu. The corporation has several subsidiaries under its control.

Robin Li

45. Benjamin Netanyahu

NationalityIsraeli; Age – 71

Brief – Benjamin Netanyahu is the prime minister of Israel. He is also the chairman of the political party of Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu

46. Sheldon Adelson

NationalityAmerican; Age – 87

Brief – Sheldon Adelson is the Chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corp which is a casino company.

Sheldon Adelson

47. Mukesh Ambani

NationalityIndian; Age – 64

Brief – Mukesh Ambani is the managing director and chairman of Reliance Industries. He has extended his industry with telecommunication on the introduction of Reliance Jio.

Mukesh Ambani

48. Joaquin El Chapo Guzman

Nationality – Mexican; Age – 64

Brief – Joaquin is a gangster and drug dealer who supplies drugs worldwide.

Joaquin El Chapo Guzman

49. Rupert Murdoch

NationalityAustralian; Age – 90

Brief – Rupert Murdoch is the founder of News Corp. Along with it, he has founded many other companies as well.

Rupert Murdoch

50. Bob Iger

NationalityAmerican; Age – 70

Brief – Bob Iger is the business executive and chairman of The Walt Disney Company. He is also a former CEO of Disney.

Bob Iger


Who is the world’s most powerful man?

   As of this writing, it is Vladimir Putin who is the President of Russia.

Is Donald Trump on the powerful people’s list?

Apparently, yes. Donald Trump is still on the powerful people’s list.

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Final Thoughts:

Alas! There you go. The list of 50 powerful people around the world in a single article.

We have made sure to cover people of all ethnicity and age groups so there is no discrimination or partiality involved. Some are well-known for the fame they have on social media platforms while the others are silent hustlers who don’t even have the time for social media.

I hope this article helped find the most powerful people in the world.

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