– Is this safe? (Best Alternatives 2021)

Being an Anime Lunatic, it’s almost a frequent thought whether is a safe place to stream? Moreover, if it isn’t – are there any best alternatives for

You bet there are! Stay tuned to know more about it.

It’s no brainer that when you think about Anime, is the first thing that you think of! It is by far the BEST website that allows you to stream endless Animes in HD quality with all sorts of genres, categories, subtitles, and Dubbed versions as well.

Best Alternatives For

But due to the immense popularity worldwide, the smoke of its rising fire went in the eyes of the owner(s) of the craft as well. Terrible, right? Regardless, you have landed on a perfect page. 

As in this post, we have covered the Top 10 Alternatives of 2021!

So let us begin by checking out the overview of itself! is Working Or Shutdown? 

In all honesty, has to be the best Anime streaming platform ever!

Just like the name suggests, is an online Anime streaming platform, so without any interruption (yes, ad-free content) or unnecessary download needs – you can watch as much Anime as you like. That too for free of cost!

However, recently the site has reportedly shut down due to a major copyright strike (well, of course… popularity comes with a price). And we are sorry to break it out to you but there is almost no scope of to come back. BUT where there is a will there’s away. 

Speaking of which, further into the post we have shortlisted some of its alternatives, so keep reading! (see, we’ve got your back)

How to confirm that is a safe website? 

As we have mentioned before, due to its popularity, there were series of mirror sites (and of course, copyright issues as well) – due to which faced quite a lot of trouble. However, the website was always a safe place.

Regardless of any “safe” sites, you should always do a run of anti-virus before using any platform, you know, just in case.

10+Best Alternatives for in 2021!

You can tell by the name how popular was among the fans, for years it has served us well, but since (with a tight heart) we bid a farewell to, let’s welcome some of its popular alternatives.

Note that: Before getting started with your streaming journey with any of the following alternatives, make sure you’re using any reliable VPN. As that not only secures you and your IP address from third-party snoopers but also for getting rid of those constant ad pop-ups.

That’s it, happy reading!

1. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is one of the best alternatives that allows you to stream endless Animes, right from the genre like Action, Mystery, or anything quite literally. 


You not only get the subtitles but also English and Japanese dubbed versions.

And of course, the website supports all devices – so it doesn’t matter if you’re an Android user or iOS user, she is not a Device-ist. 

2. Crunchyroll

15 years into the Business, Crunchyroll has established its very own fandom. Partly because, not only does it stream Anime (because of which we all here) but other things as well, like Music, Entertainment, Manga, etc.


Plus, all the content is adapted in multiple languages, so brownie points for that. However, not everything is for free. Huh, time to deduct some points, just kidding!

3.  Animelab

In our opinion, the best part about this website is it doesn’t need registration and you can stream your favorite series right away, from thousands of anime with several categories. 


And another one of its cool features is, the categories are further classified into sub-categories that give you much more ease and relevance in searching whatever you’re searching for!

4. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is a definition of timeless content as it provides with Animes of all times, right from the ancient one to the “it got released just now.” You name it, it has it. And as per the Season tab, there is no way in hell you would miss any new anime.


Don’t forget to check the homepage as everything you need is right there. 

5. Anime Freak

If we think of a perfect HD-based Anime, then Anime Freak is the first thing to pop up in our minds! With thousands of Animes already, this website keeps adding new content every other day. 

Anime Freak

And the best part is, you get to watch it a day after its original release. Like how cool is that? And of course, the usual – subtitles, dubbed versions, and endless Animes to choose from, Anime Freak provides everything!

6. 9Anime

9Anime has streamed over 26K Animes and continues with new ones daily. One of the best parts about this website is you can put a request for which Anime do you wish to see next, and they will upload accordingly.


Other than that, it provides HD content with English subtitles as well as the Dubbed version.

7. Anilinkz

Anilinkz is another free Anime streaming platform that consistently keeps updating its content. You can find your next watch through various categories, like ongoing, rising, popular, and just added, etc. 


And of course, like other websites on the list, this too provides dubbed versions and English subtitles as well.

 8. Masterani

With just an updated installation of Flashplayer, Masterani is quite simple to stream. You will find everything on the homepage itself, with several categories, schedule dates, and stuff like that.


And due to its “no need to sign up” feature, fans are already impressed!

 9. Anime-Planet

Just like GogoGoAnime, this website provides you with both new and old content, and that too in full HD. Everything you need and want can be found on the homepage as it is well-categorized in sections like new releases, most recommended, etc.

Anime Planet

Because there is almost a negligible chance of you missing out on any updates. However, you may need to tolerate a few of the ad pop-ups.

10. Horriblesubs

Much like Crunchyroles, Horriblesubs too isn’t just restricted towards Animes – as it provides various films and hooking content (with full HD). Plus, you can also download anything that you like.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best alternative for KissAnime?

Chia-Anime and Crunchyroll are top recommendations, as along with anime, you get to stream films, music, and all of that good stuff. That too with English subtitles and dubbed versions as well (both English and Japanese).

Is a legal website?

Yes and no, let us explain- since it has reproduced the original content (Anime) that you could stream on their site and if they did this without permission from the owner then the website is for sure considered as illegal as by the owner who can put a copyright strike.

However, streaming itself is never considered illegal but downloading and all that is. So in that sense, is not illegal.

Can we access the KissAnime website now?

Unfortunately, no. Ever since the website has faced the copyright issue, it is reportedly shut down completely.

Did shut down in 2021?

Yes, was indeed shut down back in 2021, due to the copyright strike by the owner of the Animes – whose work was illegally streamed for the past 8 years. However, since the website had gained popularity, the act too got noticed

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The Final Verdict!

The world of Anime is one insane place to live in, but what’s more insane (if that’s even a word) is a place with NO Anime. Err, cannot imagine. 

We are safely assuming that all the viewers who stumble on this page are already Anime lunatics, however, if by chance you are not, and trying to dabble your feet in this crazy world – what we like to call it as a “black hole” because there is no way out. That’s right, you’re stuck.

Then we will happily recommend Death Note to you. Do start your Anime journey with this classic show, and we promise you won’t be disappointed. Once you’re done, you can also check out Attack on Titans! You know, just in case.

Anyway, that was our list of the Top 10 Alternatives of 2021! 

We hope our article relieves at least 50% of your stress upon hearing the horrible news. Though in case of any queries, do reach out to us in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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