10+ Best Rabb.it Alternatives You Can Try (2021)

Rabb.it was one of the popular online video streaming platforms which allow users to connect with different people and download content. Rabb.it is a platform that helps users to stream shows and movies together. It’s a great option for users who would like to spend a good time with their buddies.

This platform helps multiple users to browse and watch the same videos in real-time remotely. Rabb.it was used by millions of users online before shut down.

Best Rabbit Alternatives

Due to financial problems rabb.it couldn’t keep the operation going and since then the site is not accessible.

Whereas, there are many similar sites like Rabb.it that provides the same features and are also completely free. All these services are accessible through all platforms. In this article, we have hand-picked some of the best alternatives to rabb.it.

List Of 10 Rabb.it Alternatives In 2021

Here is the list of alternatives to Rabb.it:

1. Rave

Rave, an online video streaming platform that brings people together. The first world’s multimedia Messenger app allows users to socialize with friends and watch videos at the same time.

Rabbit was powered by a millisecond- precise synchronization engine. 


While enjoying videos from Netflix, Amazon prime, Disney+, YouTube, and more, you can also text or chat by voice with your buddies. 

Rave is a free online video streaming platform but to watch videos without ads you need to pay $13 per year. 

2. SimulChat

People who use SimulChat can create private chat rooms, watch videos, share files, play games, etc. Chat rooms can be created free of cost with few video calls.


It is similar to Redd.it. A video call can be rendered together. It is mostly like watching TV in a mini theatre. Along with this, you can share videos with friends or family. SimulChat is a web-based service that allows text messaging and is simple to use.

3. Caracal


Many good things we can say about Caracal. A complete beginner can start streaming and set up a room at Caracal. You can also create a private and l or public room. You can share the remote control with other people in the room so that everyone can share their videos. The best part is you don’t have to use your laptop or desktop to use this site. You can easily access this site through your mobile. 

4. Watch2Gether


Since 2011, in Germany Watch2Gether has been the best Rabb.it alternative. The fact that makes it different from others is that you can shop online from different online stores such as Flipkart, Amazon, etc. It doesn’t require any specific platform, you can access it on all operating systems.

5. Netflix Party

To the Google Chrome browser, Netflix is an extension. Once you install this extension, you can simply log in to your Netflix account and select a file. To build your Netflix account extension can be used and also start inviting guests.

Netflix Party

To upload anything you need to first install the extension. Netflix party does not need to install heavy apps as it will work on web browsers. A group chat feature is inbuilt in Netflix party so that you can interact with others while watching movies and shows.

6. AndChill


AndChill is the platform that makes it simple and fast to chat with friends, watch many videos, and share links. It is a very interesting platform because of its simple and fast user interface. You don’t need to learn anything, even if you are a beginner to such sites similar to Rabb.it. You can share your videos and music with a single click. You can assist in finding many public groups where you can share and chat with new people.

7. Kosmi


Kosmi offers different ways to hang out with your buddies and is totally on a whole new level. It also allows you to watch videos and share your screen since it is similar to Rabb.it. Apart from video streaming, kosmi allows you to play Quake 3, create a virtual card table, and set up a Texas hold ’em poker table. The vision is to reinvent digital hangouts.

8. LetsGaze


The slogan of LetsGaze is “Forget distance, feel close” which describes the perfect kind of platform users aim for. It is also a great site that allows you to chat and make video calls. It also helps you to suggest videos that help those users who couldn’t seem to select a video. It supports all audio and video formats.

9. TogetherTube


TogetherTube is nothing different from the other sites like Rabb.it. It can also create public and private chat rooms, listen to music and watch videos. But there is a unique feature in TogetherTube that allows the users to vote on the videos. The video which receives the highest votes will be played next. This feature keeps things interesting.

10. Kast


If you have used Rabb.it then you would like to use Kast. Rabb.it’s patents, property rights, and software stack is acquired by Kast. First, it was just a desktop client but later the company released versions of android and iOS. It includes messaging file sharing and video sharing. A watch party for more than 100 people can be set up in Kast. It also contains live streaming for gamers and shares your screen with your buddies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rabbit?

Rabbit was launched in 2014 which was a video streaming platform. 

What should we use instead of Rabb.it in 2020?

Rabbit was a wonderful platform for those who can’t meet and spend time together due to the distance between them. You can find almost 50  rabbit alternatives among which the best 10 is listed above.

Is Kast similar to Rabbit?

Rabb.it’s property rights, patents when it ceased operations, and software stack is acquired by Kast. Kast started improving the platform and welcomes old and new users to stay with them.

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Final Thoughts

It can be quite demotivating that you are unable to spend some time with your loved ones due to distance. With the help of platforms like Rabb.it, you can reduce the distance and watch a movie with the people who are miles away. And the experience you will have will be realistic because of various chatting options, well- synced playback, and even remote control.

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