How to Identify Fake AirPods Pro?

Are you having difficulty identifying if your AirPods pro is fake or real?

Don’t worry; we have a completely reliable guide to help you identify your AirPods pro.

Apple AirPods Pro is a well-favored and trending wireless earbuds available in the market. In this era of online shopping, where you can buy things virtually in the comfort of your home, many scammers are waiting to resell duplicate/fake items and make some quick and easy bucks. 

Identify Fake AirPods

The best way to avoid such scams is to buy the product from Apple itself or authorized retailers like Amazon to get the top quality products and a warranty.

Airpods Pro: Overview

Airpods pro is the first noise-canceling wireless earbuds by apple. Although they have a higher price than other Apple AirPods, these pro AirPods come with a different design, silicone ear tips, and a shorter stem.

AirPods Pro

The quality of this device has also been improved by the company.

Due to the rising popularity of AirPods Pro, people have started creating its replica and earning easy money through it.

You might often find a difference in prices from site to site. Many unauthorized sellers sell their products at the same rate as the official apple website or discounted rates, but their products are fake.

So it is necessary to check whether your product is legit or if you’re being scammed.

How to identify fake AirPods Pro?

Here are some ways to identify fake AirPods Pro:

1. Scan the serial number:

One of the quickest and the most dependable ways to identify fake AirPods pro is by scanning its serial number.

Real apple AirPods pro comes with a serial number that can be cross-checked on Apple’s website. Every Apple Airpod pro has a unique code for itself on the inside of the charging case.

Check Serial Number On Your AirPods Pro

This highlighted number can be checked on the website.

This method is 99% legit, but there is a slight possibility(1%) in which someone might switch the case and put in fake AirPods pro.

2. Verify the inscriptions:

This is a minor detail inscribed on the Apple AirPods pro. Any replica of AirPods might have a chance of missing the “R,” which stands for the right ear, and “L,” which stands for the left ear.

The original AirPods will never miss these inscriptions, nor will these inscriptions fade out because of their high quality.

3. Verify the charging case:

The charging case should be checked from the front and rear sides.

  • Front side:-

The gap to open the AirPods case in the fake AirPods is deeper than the original.

This flaw is noticeable mainly on the top left corner of the fake AirPods.

  • Rear side:-

Once you are done checking the front side of the case, you should now move on to the rear side.

“designed by Apple in California” and “assembled in China” will be found printed on the rear end of the case. The fake AirPods have this printed in a smaller and lighter color than the original AirPods pro. 

4. Check the lighting port:

For this method, you have to flip the case of your Apple AirPods pro and check the metal line where the charger goes in. The fake device will have the metal line thicker and more significant than the original case outline. 

5. No extra lights:

Duplicate AirPods might have some extra lights in them when you open the case or connect the earbuds to your phone. So if you see any such signs, you should back off from buying that product as the original apple AirPods have no extra lights.

6. Front of the case:

Copycats have difficulty duplicating the product and usually miss out on minor details.

Front Side Of Charging Case

There is a small LED light below the flap, covered with transparent plastic, so there is no hole visibility. In fake AirPods, there is no plastic cover, and there is a pinhole instead of a spot.

This is the easiest way to spot AirPods if you pay proper attention.

7. Speakers:

Let us move on to the main speaker of the AirPods. The duplicates have a different color used for the speakers of the AirPods. There is also a major difference in the quality of the material. The fake AirPods have less dense speakers used in them. Also, they are missing a silver rim covering the speakers. 

8. Side gap:

In this method, we will analyze the sides of the Airpods. The original AirPods pro’s side will have a shorter side gap than the fake ones, which have a longer and deeper gap.

Where to buy authenticated AirPods pro?

Authenticate AirPods are available at the Apple Store, and resellers like amazon and Walmart provide original products with a warranty. You can also find used(original) AirPods on eBay or your local craigslist. With second-hand products, you have to be careful with the product’s condition from non-verified sellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to spot fake AirPods pro in seconds?

The quickest way to check if you have an original set of AirPods pods pro is by scanning its serial number, which will be available on the inside of the charging case. All AirPods have a unique serial number. 

Where can I get AirPods pro-authenticated?

You can get your AirPods pro authenticated at once you have the serial number with you. 

Cheap alternatives for apple AirPods pro?

Sony WF-1000XM3, Mpow X3, Earfun air are some cheap for the Apple AirPods pro.

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This article has provided you with the simplest and quickest ways to check whether your apple AirPods pro is real or fake. Follow the steps given aptly for the best results.

Do not fall for low prices and discounts and buy your AirPods from legit sites/resellers and save yourself from getting a fake product.

If you find this article helpful, share it amongst your family, friends, and colleagues and save yourself and others from scams.

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