How to Change Your Microsoft Teams Background (Step-By-Step)

Microsoft Teams enables users to blur their background or choose various vibrant pictures to set as their background on PC. A good background can make you feel energetic. Microsoft Teams is an excellent app for business video conferencing and other work related to the office.

How to Change Your Microsoft Teams Background

With the help of the right environment, make your video meeting more attractive and gain other people’s attention. Let us see how you can quickly change Microsoft Teams background in easy steps.

How can one Change their Background with Microsoft Teams?

Changing background with Microsoft Teams is elementary and easy. There are two things which you may need to change the location, those are:

  • A laptop with an HD camera quality.
  • Access to the Microsoft Teams app on PC.

Let us discuss how one can change background with Microsoft Teams. Firstly login into your Microsoft Teams accounts if you haven’t. While you are checking your audio and video for your upcoming meeting, tap on the Background effects. One can find the Background effects option on the microphone’s right side, and a window will pop up with all the background options.

One can choose the best background according to their requirements; if you want a blurry background, then click on Blur, and you are done. The Blur option will blur the background and will focus on you only. For complete background change, click on the images provided by Microsoft Teams.

microsoft teams

The best part about Microsoft Teams is that it allows its users to change and alter background in between meetings. For doing that, click on Meeting controls>More actions>Show background effects and choose from there. One can choose to blur their background or set up a picture provided by Microsoft Teams.

One can see their background like a small preview before it appears to other people. If you don’t like the background, then change it until you find a good one. One can change backgrounds with Microsoft Teams’ help only, and Linux users can’t get this service along with those who are not using Microsoft Teams through VDI.

Can I change Microsoft Teams’ background during a meeting?

Sometimes you may be willing to change the background during the meeting to appear more exciting or make someone laugh. Don’t worry. Folks will tell you how you can change your experience between an appointment or video conferencing.

  • Click on the “ ellipsis to explore the “More Actions” option.
    visit microsoft teams
  • Tap on “Show background effects,” and it will show the sidebar menu on your screen.
    change microsoft teams background
  • Select a background, i.e., Blur or any other, from the sidebar menu, and you are all good to go.

*NOTE* As you will change your background during the video call, it will pause your video. So resume it after changing the background and continue with the meeting.

How to Custom Background Image on Microsoft Teams?

Earlier Microsoft didn’t give the access to customize background according to users’ requirements, but now it is possible. Initially, users could choose from the developer’s backgrounds, but they can add their background to the Microsoft Teams because of technology enhancement.

One can upload their personal or self-designed background on Microsoft Teams from their PC or Mac by accessing the Microsoft Teams folder. Copy and paste the information given below on your PC or Mac, and you are all good to go.


Custom Background Image on Microsoft Teams

The latest version of Microsoft Teams is a must to implement this workaround option. The app should be updated along with your PC or Mac. Otherwise, you won’t be able to upload your desired backgrounds. If you want to upload your picture as the background, then in place of APPDATA, click on Library, and your work will be done.

Now set backgrounds according to your moods and requirements and enhance the experience of video calls or video conferencing. This may happen that you won’t be able to upload an image as background due to some technical issues. In that case, wait for a couple of minutes and repeat the steps.

Why am I not able to find my custom backgrounds on Microsoft Teams?

If you can not find your custom backgrounds, make sure that your Microsoft Teams is updated and you are using the latest version of the app. And if you are still not able to update your custom backgrounds, connect with the Microsoft team for help.

A high-quality camera-enabled PC or Mac also plays a vital role in Microsoft Teams’ background. Opt for a good quality camera-less device for unique and latest backgrounds. Now select your favorite background while preparing for a new video meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I add my picture as a background?

Yes, one can add their picture as background by following this simple step that is %Library%\Microsoft\Teams\Background\Uploads.

Why am I not able to upload a custom background?

Check the version of Microsoft Teams and update it if not already, and you will be able to upload a custom background.

How to blur my background?

It is one of the most straightforward steps to do. All a person has to do is click on Ellipses and show background effects and choose the Blur option.

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Follow the steps mentioned above and change Microsoft Teams’ background in no time. Make sure you are using the latest version of the app to avail yourself of the option of backgrounds and custom backgrounds at the same time. Add a lively background during a video call and element the unnecessary background of your nearby space.

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