Amazon Prime Student Discount (6 Month Free Trial Offer)

Living in the 20th century has its perks, after all, in a world where technology has evolved to an extent where you can gain the advantage of free deliveries, one-day delivery, and free music from the subscription. The subscription allows you to listen to multiple podcasts and songs from all regions and countries. 

We keep talking about the subscriptions and the platform that offers them, but which is it?

The platform we keep talking about is Amazon Prime. They offer some eye-catchy student discounts.

 It feels like a privilege to be a student in this golden era, doesn’t it? 

Amazon Prime Student Discount offer

You might ponder, how do I claim this student discount? In this article, we have provided all the steps you need to know for getting the Amazon Prime student discount.

So, let’s dig into the details!

Amazon Prime: In a Nutshell

Amazon Prime is one of the services offered by Amazon. Amazon product lines include media products, baby products, grocery, consumer electronics, etc. You name it, and Amazon has it. When you purchase any product from Amazon, it usually takes up to 5-7 business days to arrive, and if you require a day delivery, they ask you to pay a little extra amount.

Amazon Prime - Overview

Thanks to Amazon Prime, you get Unlimited free, fast deliveries. They guarantee free one-day and two-day delivery on eligible items. With Amazon prime, you also get access to prime video, prime music, and prime reading. What a treat! Watch your favorite tv shows and movies, listen to your favorite music and read your beloved books free of cost with prime.

Amazon also provides multiple offers that are eye-catchy. One of the most popular is the student discount. How to avail of it? Read the article and find out.

What is the Amazon Prime Student discount?

Summer vacation is almost coming to an end, and you will be back to school or university but are you under-prepared for virtual classes? Due to the ongoing pandemic, does it become difficult to get out of the house and buy school supplies? If this sounds like you, Amazon has an eye-catchy offer for you.

If you do not have a prime membership, you can sign up for a 6-month free trial to Amazon Prime’s student offer. You won’t have to pay extreme prices for Prime membership, and you can get your school supplies in between 24 and 48 hours with free delivery.

In this 6-month free trial period, you get all the prime benefits of Amazon. These include free and fast deliveries, free Prime video, music, and reading. When the trial period expires, you get the subscription for half the original membership price. This half-priced membership is only valid for four years or the date of your graduation, whichever comes first. Once the free trial is over you can get it for $6.49 monthly, instead of $12.99. 

This membership is for students who are actively enrolled in the universities. 

How to Avail of The Prime Student Discount (Step by Step)

Availing of the prime student is as simple as calculating 2+2. Follow these simple steps and become a member of Amazon Prime.

Step 1: Log on to Amazon Prime Student Offer Page.

Amazon Prime - Student Trial

Step 2: You will be greeted with a web page where all the details about the student discount are provided. The web page provides the information one needs to know while signing up for Amazon Prime.

Step 3: Select the “Try membership” visible at the web page’s start.

Step 4: Sign in to your Amazon account. If you are an existing amazon user, you need to log in. If you are not an Amazon user, sign up for free.

Amazon Prime - Sign In

Step 5: After signing in, they ask you to fill in a few details about your name, the name of your university, and the graduation date.

Amazon Prime - Enter Your Details

Step 6: Once you are verified, select the mode of payment. You can use your gift card balance if available. Amazon also accepts Credit cards and Debit cards. You can also enter a gift voucher, cards, and any promotional code available with you.

Amazon Prime - Payment Option

Step 7: Click on the continue button right next to your payment option.

Step 8: Once they verify your university and graduation year, and the information provided is legit, and you can start using the Prime services for free for six months.

Step 9: Once the trial period ends, pay only $6.49 monthly, instead of $12.99

Step 10: You can cancel anytime you want, and you won’t be charged for the coming months. 

This offer lasts up to 4 years or your graduation date, whichever comes first.

What are the benefits of the Amazon Prime Student discount?

You have signed up for prime, but the question arises which services are provided? 

The Amazon Prime Student membership is the same as the Prime membership. The only difference is in the Amazon Prime Student Membership, you will be provided with a 6-month free trial, and later after the 6-month trial, the cost is reduced to half.

You will not be able to share your account details with anyone during the 6-months free trial period, which is the only drawback of the free trial period. Other benefits remain the same.

These include:

  • Six months free trial period
  • Half costs when the trial ends
  • Unlimited free one-day shipping on eligible items
  • Prime Video
  • Prime Music
  • Prime Gaming
  • Access to deals early
  • Prime Reading

Six months free trial period

Amazon is a ray of sunshine for the students, for it offers a free six months trial period. You get all the prime benefits such as Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime reading, etc. If you are a student and looking for services that fall under the category of Amazon, sign up now and avail the benefits.

Half cost when the trial ends

When the six-month free trial ends, Amazon offers its membership to the student for half the price. A match was made in heaven between the Amazon prime membership and the students. You get all the benefits similar to Prime membership. The student membership lasts for four years or dates up to your graduation, whichever comes earlier.

Unlimited free one-day shipping on eligible items

Get free one-day delivery only with Amazon prime. You do not have to pay any extra amount for it. Order your favorite products and get them in just a day or two.

Prime Video

Are you a fan of binge-watching tv-shows 24*7? Amazon prime offers Prime videos to watch your favorite tv shows and movies for free. An OTT platform free of cost? That is magic.

Prime Music

With Amazon Prime, listen to unlimited music of your choice for free. BTS, Justin Bieber, Halsey, Taylor Swift, and many more artists are waiting for you to listen to their songs.

Prime Gaming

All the Games available on Amazon are now free with Amazon Prime. Happy Gaming.

Access to all early deals

Be the first to access mind-boggling deals on your desired product only with Amazon Prime.

Prime Reading

Are you a voracious reader? Amazon Prime offers the best deals in the books. Happy Reading!

Amazon Prime Pricing

So here are the pricing plans available.

Annual Prime Membership

  • $119

Annual Prime Student Membership

  • $59

Monthly Prime Membership

  • $12.99

Monthly Prime Student Membership

  • $6.49

Amazon offers relaxation on prices, and all the features are the same for all the plans. The only difference between Prime membership and Prime Student Membership is that Prime Student Membership is available for free, for six months, and later the cost is cut to half of the original price.

Note: your Prime Membership might be subjected to sales tax in some states.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amazon Prime worth it for students?

Definitely. 6-months free trial, and later the membership is available for half the price for students. Amazon Prime is worth every penny invested. The returns are very promising.

Is Amazon Prime worth the hype?

Amazon Prime offers unlimited free delivery within a day or two, an OTT platform, unlimited music, and reading. The services provided by Amazon are by far one of the best at a cheap rate.

Can you get the Amazon prime student discount for a lifetime?

The prime student is only available for four years or the date of your graduation, whichever comes first.

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Final Thoughts:

If you are a student looking to get Amazon Prime for free, try the Amazon Prime Student Discount. It offers its services to the students for free for six months and later at half the price. Instead of $12.99/month, you get it for $6.49/ month. Do you get videos, music, books, etc., for free? Yes. It’s a lightning deal one should not miss.

Grab this golden egg before it runs off the offer. Hurry up, and sign up for Prime today and enjoy its benefits for a long time.

We hope this article has helped you understand what Amazon Prime is, what amazon Prime student discount consists of, and how to avail them. Let us know in the section below if you want to read articles similar to this and your thoughts on Amazon’s student discount.

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