GTA 5 Offer Cross-Platform – Everything You Need To Know!

One of the most celebrated installments in Grand Theft Auto’s game series is the Grand Theft Auto 5 developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. Even after seven years of its release, the Rockstar North continues to give regular updates to develop new modes and features even today. 

GTA 5 Cross Plarform

Due to such constant developments in the game, the users are always curious about the cross-platform version just like they have in games like Minecraft and Rocket League. In this article, we will explore whether GTA 5 offers us the experience of cross-platforms or not.

Does GTA 5 have a cross-platform?

Grand Theft Auto 5, despite its regular updates and development in different modes of the game and release of its several versions across the various systems, GTA 5 does not have a cross-platform. 


Updates are coming for the version of Xbox series X and PS5. There are even versions for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. With the game’s availability on so many platforms, it seems that the Rockstar games are splitting their player base. 

Epic online service, which uses the same cross-platform system, has shown that cross-platform is possible on a large scale with Fortnite, so there is no technical reason for not giving cross-platform GTA 5.

Maybe Rockstar games want to sell more copies of the game across the system rather than allow their players to play together with the exact copies.

Why won’t GTA 5 have a cross-platform?

Rockstar Games have always been regular on its update since its release. Despite giving hundreds of amazing mods for making the gameplay experience unforgettable, it has not given the cross-platform for its player base.

GTA 5 Crossplay

There might be some genuine reasons behind not giving a cross-platform. Firstly, due to its wide range of mods that the company gives to its players to make the gaming experience more exciting, it becomes challenging to balance the cross-platform between other platforms and the PC. There will be a lot of modded servers in the game. Managing the vast modes on cross-platform, which includes simple and insane level modes, can be very difficult for the Rockstar game. 

Secondly, investing money and time for cross-platform play across various GTA 5 platforms will not make much difference as the absence of cross-platform has not affected the game’s popularity.

GTA 5 won’t have cross-save or cross-progression

Cross -save or cross-progression makes the gaming experience more smooth and adventurous, especially in GTA 5. In 2014, Rockstar developed the PS4 and Xbox One. Although, it had limited cross-save or cross-progression features.

The players from PS3 and Xbox 360 could transfer their GTA Avatar only once, and the Rockstar Games even stopped their support for the transfer after a while.

GTA 5 is updating PS5 and Xbox series, but Rockstar games have not yet announced any cross-save. There is a word that cross-save or cross-progression will not be done with all the content, but Activision is working on the problem, and possibly we will have the feature of cross-save in the latest update of the game too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does GTA 5 have a cross-platform between Xbox and PS4?

As mentioned in the above article, GTA 5 does not support any cross-platform, and hence the cross-platform between Xbox and PS4 is not available.

Can you play GTA 5 on Xbox and PC together?

All the platforms are different. Whether it is PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, or PC and PC players cannot play with any other combination.

Does GTA 5 have a cross-progression?

As mentioned in the article, the players can cross-save or cross-progression when they transfer from PS3 and Xbox 360 to PS4 or Xbox One, but only once.

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As we have discussed in this article, despite having regular updates in the modes and features for the betterment of the gaming experience in GTA 5, it does not offer cross-platforms for its players. 

Although Rockstar Games is a company known for its regular updates, we can always hope to add the cross-platform and the addition of cross-save and cross-progression to make the gaming experience more smooth and engaging for the players.

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