How to Get Free PSN Codes (Legit Methods Listed)

Are you looking for ways to add money to a Playstation network account? Playstation Plus membership, Trophies, and the PlayStation store. There are so many places you can use virtual currency introduced by Sony on the PlayStation network.

How To Get Free PSN Codes

Do PSN code generators work? Is there any legal way to get PSN codes or currency? Allow us to help you discover everything legal with this guide. You will learn about every possible way to earn those PSN codes.

What Are PSN Codes?

PSN codes are a mix of alphabets and digits that you can use on an official website to redeem virtual cash. This cash is specifically available just in your Playstation account. Therefore, you can only use it for all things related to PSN.

PSN stands for PlayStation Network. It isn’t a single service or app. PSN is an assortment of various apps and services that Sony offers on the PlayStation platform. Initially, it started in 2006 but has received recognition recently amidst the digital expansion.

A PSN currency allows you to:

  • Buy and download games digitally through the cloud gaming infrastructure of Sony Playstation.
  • Stream or watch videos, movies, music, and other content available at a cost in PSN.
  • Redeem A Playstation Plus membership comes with various perks like two free games each month, multiplayer options, and much more.

In other words, if Playstation Network is a country, PSN codes help you get the currency.

Best Ways To Get Genuine PSN Codes & Rewards:

Now that we have cleared out various misconceptions and options that aren’t fair or possibly genuine, we move to the ones that seem more along the fair lines. These are the best options available that you can use without worrying about any legal repercussions.

1. Buy Gift Cards From Affiliated Stores

This is the only way for you to get genuine PSN codes that work. Gift cards, top-up cards, you can call this anything. Primarily, they are known as Playstation Network Top-up cards or the PlayStation gift cards. You will find them on affiliated stores and vendors like Amazon, Walmart, and other prominent websites or stores.

playstation store gift cards

The benefit of using these gift cards is that you can grab them on a deal. When you catch them on a sale, you will get extra money. This is just an example, but a $10 top-up gift card might cost $8. It is especially true around Black Friday sales or some special events.

You can conveniently go to the Playstation Store and redeem the codes there. Now, there are other types of codes, known as Playstation Store Vouchers. Both of these are similar.

However, Gift Cards are directly redeemable through your account. Vouchers might either have a discount or cash reward.

2. Playstation Voucher Redeem

You can compare these to Gift cards. However, gift cards are something you buy from Amazon and other websites or stores that bring you codes to redeem rewards. Playstation Voucher could be something you won by participating in some event, tournament, official quiz from the company, or a survey.

Playstation Voucher Redeem

Vouchers either have a 10-digit code or a 12-digit code. If it is a 10-digit code, then you have a discount coupon. If it is a 12-digit code, then you can use it to redeem money to the account. Here are the steps to do for both of these.

For Discount Voucher:

  • First, go to the Playstation Store and log into your account.
  • Now, go and shop for anything. It can be games, movies, membership, gadgets, etc.
  • Once you add them to the cart, proceed to checkout.
  • While reviewing your order, there will be an option to apply a coupon code.
  • That’s where you will type the 10-digit code from the Playstation Discount Voucher.
  • Viola! The discount will apply immediately.

For Cash Voucher Or Gift Cards:

  • Go to the official Playstation Store website or open the app on your gaming console.
  • Log in to the account you want to redeem the reward into.
  • Click on your profile’s picture (Avatar) and find the ‘Redeem’ option.
  • It will open a new window for you to type and redeem the code.
  • Write down the code and continue.
  • The reward will be redeemed to your account.

You can use this method to redeem gift cards, as well.

3. Get Sony Rewards

Let’s be honest. This is perhaps the only reason you were looking for ways to get Free PSN Codes. There aren’t any PSN codes that will give you free games or movies. You can find some PSN codes for discounts on things at best. However, we all know that there is a Sony Rewards program on the PSN.

sony rewards

Sony Rewards is a brilliant initiative. You can buy anything from Sony on your PSN account, and it will provide you points. The more you spend, the more points you earn. Then, you can trade these points to buy various things. You can purchase membership, games, digital goods, or even items and gadgets like music players, speakers, and much more. There isn’t any limit to where you can use Sony Rewards.

However, as mentioned before, it requires you to first spend money on it. You have to spend real money to buy games and other things. If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you will get extra points and many other benefits. All you need to do is use the Playstation Network’s services, and you will keep growing and doing better.

Get The Sony Playstation Plus Membership:

There isn’t any known method to gain codes or earn rewards by getting membership straight away. However, in the long run, you will get a plethora of benefits. These include getting promo codes, vouchers, and other rewards. Your Sony Rewards will multiply, and the more services you use from Sony, the more rewards you will get.

Then you can use the Plus membership to the advantage and redeem these rewards. This is the best-known method to get the rewards.

Free 14-day Trial For Playstation Plus:

The entire charade of getting PSN codes is mainly to get the free membership. It comes with an array of perks, rewards, and hefty discounts. However, there isn’t any way for you to get the membership for free. If any website claims otherwise, stay away from it as it is most likely illegal.

The best way for you to enjoy Playstation Plus free is by getting a 14-day trial. Now, this method will require you to provide credit card information. However, you can cancel the trial subscription before the 14 days end. This will save you from all the headaches and problems that will come along with it.

Steps To Sign Up For 14-day Trial –

  • Go to the official Sony Playstation website and register the account there.
  • Then go to the official Sony Playstation Store website and sign in there.
  • Then search for the ‘14-day trial’ in the search bar. This will lead you to an option.
    Sign Up For 14-day Trial
  • Click on the trial option and then redeem it. You will either have to provide PayPal or credit card information for it to work optimally.
  • Now enjoy the 14-day trial.

Remember, the service will renew automatically after 14 days. This means that you will have to cancel the membership, make sure to do that manually.

Tip To Get Free Playstation Plus Membership:

Just create a new email ID and sign in to the Playstation and create an account. Then, join the PSN for a 14-day trial. Make sure to change the credit card or payment options if you can. Keep repeating it to enjoy the 14-day trial as much as you like.

There is, of course, a downside. You won’t save progress and such for long, and you’d have to move to a new ID consistently.

Ways To Get PSN Codes That Don’t Work:

Now that you understand what PSN codes are, it’s time for you to understand various methods to get PSN Codes. We will try to elaborate on each one to assist you with the right decision. Some of these methods might require rigorous research and patience. Others could be straightforward. That being said, let’s start with the most popular option:

1. Free PSN Code Generators

This is a popular term you will see getting tossed around way too often. Even if you search Google for ‘PSN Codes,’ you will see various PSN code generators. Many blogs, articles, websites, and content creators claim to access PSN code generators that you can use for legal redeeming.

However, you have to think about it and ask yourself a question: ‘How can anything that costs money be free online?’

Free PSN Code Generators

That’s right! Free PSN Code generators don’t work. These are all scams aimed to target the less aware and less informed individuals. The generators can ask for various information like your PSN account information, payment details, or just ask you to conduct a survey. You have to remember that nothing in this world is free.

These generators will end up exploiting your details in any way they deem fit. You might even become a target for spyware, malware, and much more. Therefore, it would be better to stay away from these generators. For your well-being and others, never use anything like ‘free generators for’ anything.

2. Conduct Survey To Win PSN Codes

Another popular scam is to participate in the surveys to win PSN codes. There was once a popular option to take surveys and earn real money. You have to ask yourself, will it ever truly work? Have you ever earned money by conducting surveys? Because frankly, most of the people have never gained anything from using paid surveys like this.

You need to steer clear of these survey websites that claim to offer PSN codes in return. Why don’t they just provide real money instead? Because it doesn’t matter. None of it works, but they will make you believe that it does.

If you want to give them a try, create a new PSN ID with a new Email and credentials. You can give it a try to see if it works or not. This will keep your primary account and information safe. If it works, you can use the PSN codes or earnings as you deem fit and even move them to the primary account.

It is improbable that it will work, though. So, you won’t lose anything at least. If anyone is claiming that surveys work and link you to some websites, just ignore it as much as possible.

3. Free PSN GiveAways

It might seem like we are going against every known method, and while that is partially true, it’s not entirely correct. PSN Giveaways would depend on where you’re getting it from. Did you Google it and find some websites claiming to give out free codes and giveaways? If so, there is a good chance that the option won’t work at all. You can give it a try, but you will come across used or expired codes.

PSN Codes GiveAways

The best way to get PSN currency or code giveaway is if a YouTuber or Game Steamer decides to offer a giveaway to their online fans. They might have a selection process in play or randomly select a winner. For this to work, the YouTuber or Streamer has to be an authentic player with credible sources.

Next, you need to have great luck. It is doubtful that this process would work. PSN Giveaways from people is like winning a lottery. You might think that you can win it, but in the end, it is all just a hoax. It could work if you’re persistent and have patience. But try not to rely on it too much. Just think of it as a perk. If your favorite content creator decided to do it, do take part. Otherwise, steer clear.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can You Exchange PSN Currency For Real Money?

No. Once you use the real-life money to buy PSN currency, there is no way out of it. You can’t exchange it for an actual money transfer at all. However, you can use it to buy anything from Sony’s Store (Playstation Store).

Can You Use VPN To Redeem Rewards Twice?

No. Using VPN won’t change your account and its details. If you’ve already used the code, you can’t use it twice on the same statement at all. You’d have to move onto some other thing.

Do You Get Free Games With Playstation Plus Membership?

Yes. You get around two games every month to download and play. Similarly, you get access to premium content for free, as well. It is complementary to the Playstation account.

Do PSN Codes Or Currency Work For Other Consoles Too?

PSN codes, currency, and PlayStation plus membership will work for any Playstation console. It won’t work for Xbox or other company’s consoles.

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Now you know how to get free PSN codes legally. There is no such thing as a free PSN code. If anyone or any website claims to provide you ‘free anything’ that otherwise costs money, be wary of it. However, we have attempted to bring you natural or legal ways to earn some PSN codes, Sony rewards, and get extra monetary benefits.

We hope you got what you were looking for, from how to get a PSN Plus subscription or trial to everything else. Once again, free PSN Code generators don’t work. Go ahead and have clean gameplay and enjoy the services authentically.

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