How to Download Instagram Photos (Step-By-Step)

Instagram is a globally used social media platform. Millions of users have been using it for years, and the popularity still hasn’t faded. The app keeps evolving with new features often. With the announcement of Instagram Reels, Stories, we’ve seen quite a development. 

However, we can’t deny that Instagram lacks some basic features that could’ve been useful. Most social media platforms give you a download button for your photos, but Instagram doesn’t.

How to download Instagram Photos

You see a picture of a dog, a favorite celebrity, or something you wish to save on your device, but you’re unable to do so because Instagram still hasn’t provided a feature to download photos. Sure, you can take a quick screenshot. But, there’s an unnecessary effort needed for cropping the picture. Besides, the quality of the photos declines as well.  

How To Download Instagram Photos?

No need to worry. In this article, we’re going to give you ways to download your favorite photos on your device so you can keep the memories forever. We have given steps for both iPhone and Android. Let’s get to it.

How to save Instagram Photos within the App?

While Instagram still hasn’t given a feature to download photos from the app directly, they’ve provided the next best feature. You can SAVE photos, videos, reels, sounds, and even filters on the app. Please note that these photos can only be accessed with an Internet Connection. These posts won’t be available to you offline. Here’s how you can do it. 

Step 1: At first, you have to open the Instagram App on your phone. 

Step 2: Locate the post you want. 

Step 3: You will see a bookmark-like symbol under the post. Simply click on it.

Click On bookmark symbol

Step 4: Locate the three lines on your device. They’re usually next to the username. Click on those and go to Saved. You will find all of your saved posts here. 

Click On Saved Option

Downloading Instagram Photos on Your Device

As mentioned before, there isn’t a direct way to download photos on your phone. To download Instagram photos in your camera roll, you have to do it using third-party apps and websites. One of the websites we found to be quite effective was DownloadGram. Here’s how you can download photos using DownloadGram. 

Step 1: At first, open the Instagram app on your device and locate the post you want to download. 

Step 2: Click on the three dots above the post and press on Copy Link.

Click On Copy Link

Step 3: Once you’ve copied the link. Go to DownloadGram on your desired browser. Paste the link in the provided space and click on Download.

Open Dowloadgram Website

Step 4: Depending on your device, the photo is directly saved on your phone, or you will be asked for permission. For example, on iPhone, you will have to click on Download once the dialogue box appears.

Click On Download

This was a way to download photos using a third-party website. There’s a lot of websites you can use for this. Some of them are Ingramer, Bigbangram, etc. These apps usually work for both iOs as well as Android. 

The functionality of most of the websites is similar to DownloadGram, so they’re easy to use.

You can even use this to download photos on your computers and laptops.

How to Download Instagram Photos on an Android Device?

Step 1: Download Photos & Videos Downloader for Instagram – IG Saver on your Android Device.

Install IG Saver App

Step 2: Open Instagram and locate the post you want. Once you’ve located it, find the three dots above the post and press on Copy Link.

Copy Link Of the photo you want to download

Step 3: Open the App on your device. Once you have opened it, you will see a space to paste the link.

Paste Link On Insta Saver

Step 5: Once you have pasted the link, click on Download. Below, you will see if your desired post was downloaded successfully. Go to your camera roll and you will find all of your downloaded photos there!

Download The Photo

How to Download Instagram Photos on iPhone?

Unlike Android, to download photos from the app in your iPhone’s camera roll, you don’t need any other third-party application or a website. You solely need two tools that are already there on your phone. That is the Notes App, and your usual browser.

Step 1: Open Instagram on your desired browser and locate the photo you want to download. Long-press the photo until you see an option to Copy.

Copy The Link Of A Photo

Step 2: Once you have copied the photo, open the Notes App on your iPhone. Create a new Note and long-press until you see an option to paste the photo.

Open Notes App

Step 3: Your photo will be pasted on the Notes App. Press and hold the photo again.

Paste The Photo

Step 4: When you press and hold on to the photo, you will see an option called Share. Click on it.

Click On Share

Step 5: When you click on share, you will see an option for downloading the photo. Click on Save Image.

Click On Save Image

Step 6: And voila! The photo is saved. Go to your camera roll to verify whether the photo was saved or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you download Instagram Photos on other devices?

Yes, you can. There are websites where you can copy and paste the link to the post and download it on your computer. DownloadGram is a popular and leading website for that. You can download photos on your tabs and iPads as well!

Is it illegal to download photos from Instagram?

It’s not illegal. However, it’s illegal to misuse the photo you downloaded. Some photos may even have copyright claims. Always credit the original user if you plan on reposting the photo if you don’t want your account to get disabled.

Does the user get notified when you click a screenshot of their photo?

Currently, the user isn’t notified when you screenshot a photo. However, remember to not misuse this as well. It’s important to respect privacy.

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We hope you found our article helpful. While the methods are a little tricky, we do what we can to keep our memories. The easiest way is to screenshot the post. But as established, we can see that the quality deteriorates. Hence, we have to spend a little more time to have them saved in our camera roll. Hopefully, Instagram gives us a Download button in the future, although we don’t have a specific date for that yet. 

Other than downloading, you can also find tons of apps on both App Store and Play Store for reposting photos, videos, etc. directly without saving them. Some of these third-party apps and websites also let you download stories, reels, and videos. But as we know, even screen recording declines the quality of the video. 

Do let us know if we could clear all of your doubts.

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