Roblox Music Codes 2021 – How to Find Roblox Song ID?

Did you know that Roblox has a complete music library? That’s right! You can play it anytime you like, especially while playing Roblox games. All you need are the codes for the songs you want to play, and you’re good to go.

Roblox Music Codes

Music and games go hand in hand. It elevates our experience and makes everything much better. Therefore, we consistently seek good songs that can stimulate us. Whether you are looking for popular songs or some memorable and timeless songs, we have you covered.

In this article, you will learn about how to find and use Roblox Music Codes. So, let’s begin!

Methods of Finding Roblox Music Codes:

There are two primary methods of finding the music codes for Roblox:

  • Search online and use various databases and websites available for you.
  • Use Roblox’s audio library, where you can also upload your audio files.

Using The Roblox Audio Database:

  • Log onto your Roblox ID on the official website (
    Roblox Signup
  • Then on the top search bar’ type anything, even the name of the song.
  • A dropdown option will appear that will show you ‘Search -name- In Library.’ Click on it
  • A collection will open up. In the left navigation panel, click on ‘Audio.’
    search on roblox
  • Now you will find an extensive database full of various songs and audio.
    extensive audio database of roblox
  • Click on the name of the song or file, not the play icon. You can use the play icon to get a demo of the music and see if this is what you want. For this, you need to have the browser’s volume enabled to listen to it.
  • Once you decide which song you want, a new window will open up as you click on it.
    open song on roblox
  • Now, all of these details don’t matter. What matters is your URL bar. There you will see something like ‘’ and then random numbers. The random numbers (digits) you see are the code for the file. In other words, it is your music code.
    copy url digits on roblox
  • Now you can copy the code and paste them in a clipboard with the song name or directly into the game’s jukebox, radio, soundbox, whatever it has, and it will play.
  • If you click on the ‘Get’ option, you will have these files added to your collection, where you can manage them. It will save you some time if you don’t want to find the songs again from scratch.

Uploading The Audio As Creator on Roblox:

Sometimes, you might not find the sound file you’re looking for. It could be a song or something you heard on YouTube. Maybe it is something you’ve created. That’s alright. There is a way for you to upload any audio file in the Roblox corporation music library and use it with the ID code, or even share it as you like it. All you need to do is:

  1. Once again, open the Roblox official website ( and log in to your account.
  2. In the top bar, you will see an option to ‘create’ click on it.
    click on audio on roblox
  3. If it is your first time, you might end up downloading Roblox Studio, which is not necessary for the game. Because the windows seem like this and you might end up clicking on ‘Start Creating.’ But that’s not what you need to do.
  4. You need to click on ‘Manage My Games’ right below the more apparent ‘Start Creating’ option.
    manage my games on roblox
  5. It will once again take you to the database. However, this one is personalized. It is your collection. From the side navigation (category) panel, click on Audio.
    upload audio on roblox
  6. Once you do that, you will see the current conditions to upload an audio file in the Roblox corporation database. The file needs to be less than 7 minutes in total and smaller than 19.5 MB. You need either a .mp3 or .ogg file for it to work. Other files won’t work.
  7. As for audio names, don’t leave them blank or random. Write a proper name. Because just as you find audio uploaded by other people, they can find the files uploaded by you.
    create an audio
  8. Once you are done with the details, click on ‘Estimate Price,’ and you will get the cost. Yes, it takes some money to upload the file, but not the real-life cash. All you need is Robux, and it is relatively easy to earn them. You can also pay money to get a lot of Robux with an amount as long as $1.
  9. You don’t have to worry too much about the price, as it is very low. Next, you can decide whether you want to make the file available for free or at the cost of some Robux. Generally, if you’re going to use it for yourself and let others use it, a free option would be right.
  10. That’s it! You now have an Audio file ready to work for you.

Now you can follow the guide on how to use Roblox Audio Library to get Music Codes and play them in the game.

Using Other Sources:

If you don’t want to upload the file necessarily, you can always use Roblox’s library. However, if you don’t want to search, you can still type ‘Roblox Music Codes’ in Google or other search options. You will find many platforms that share the Song ID and much more. It is easier to find specific songs from there if Roblox isn’t working for you.

Sometimes, older files get deleted either by the users or others. This will enable you to find the latest codes for the Music you’ve lost. It doesn’t always work, but it is worthwhile. You can use this method when others fail.

Playing The Roblox Music Codes:

Playing The Roblox Music Codes

Primarily, the feature is known as ‘Roblox Boombox.’ Some games would even incorporate it as a built-in radio, music player, and much more. Therefore, the name might change from one game to another. Some users even provide different music players like direct Youtube links in the game to Play Music. You can try that, but if you want to use the music codes, stick to boomboxes.

The process of using most of them is similar:

  • Start the Roblox Boombox
  • It will ask you for the Song ID.
  • Provide it with the ID. Yes, you can Copy-paste it from the URL Bar as mentioned above or from any database.
  • Next, all you need to do is play, and it will start grooving.

It is effortless to use music codes in Roblox corporation.

Alternative To Playing Music Codes:

There’s always an option for you to use an external music player, like your phone or PC, to play the songs. This sound won’t be heard in-game, but you can still entertain yourself if that’s what you’re looking for. Of course, if you want others to groove to your music, then you’d have to get down to using the built-in boombox. It would also depend on the settings of the boombox for the game. Some singularize it, while others, like a Roblox Club Game, would enable you to play it for everyone.

Popular Roblox Music Codes:

People often forget that they can’t use the Music Code just from any website. The code has to be from Roblox’s audio library. Therefore, you can’t use Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, or anything else to get the code from there and play it. It won’t work.

Roblox’s audio code is usually a nine-digit collection of numbers. It can sometimes grow to be ten digits, but that’s pretty much it. Therefore, you have to use those official numbers. If you can’t find them, we are bringing you some of the popular choices available for Roblox music lovers:

  •  Old Town Road: 2862170886
  • Believer- Imagine Dragons: 1137578023
  • Maroon 5- Payphone: 131396974
  • Marshmello – Alone: 413514503
  • This is Halloween [Remix]: 517273860
  • Kiki, Do you love me: 2172506821
  • Havana: 1358148888
  • Juice World- Armed & Dangerous: 2498066534
  • Never gonna oof you up: 2300687273
  • Bad Boys: 132007810
  • Maroon 5 – Girls Like You ft. Cardi B: 2211976041
  • Ariana Grande – God Is a Woman: 2071829884
  • Marshmello Anne-Marie – FRIENDS (Instrumental): 2039141112
  • BTS – Save Me: 407947764
  • Stronger Than You (Sans Parody): 367908975
  • The Pokemon Go Song: 507085369
  • Avengers Infinity War Theme: 1689407690
  • PPAP – Pen Pineapple Apple Pen (Trap Remix): 512982331
  • Eminem – I’m Not Afraid: 131149175
  • All My Friends Are Roblox corporation Toys: 1237281357
  • Martin Garrix- Animal: 138259834
  • Barack Obama’s Uptown Funk: 209864226
  • Gangnam Style: 130844430

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Upload Copyright Audio For Roblox Music?

You can upload almost anything on Roblox. However, if the file is copyright protected online, it won’t work on Roblox corporation for long. There is a possibility that it might get taken down. If you want to use the copyright content, always ask for permission from the creator. Roblox requires you to have written authorization (even in email format) from the content creator to use their copyright content. If you don’t have it, then you can’t upload it.

Can You Configure The File You Upload?

After uploading the file, you have all the right to configure it by accessing the files’ settings. Follow these steps:

  1. Go back to your creator database and select audio.
  2. On the right side, you will see the ‘Settings’ option. Click on it.
  3. From there, you can click on configurations and change them.

The best part about it is that you can make the file free from here. You can even change it to be exclusively available for you. The configuration allows you to name it, change the description and categorize it within a specific genre. You can even decide whether you want feedback from other users or not (toggle comments)

How Many Robux Does It Cost To Upload The File?

Usually, there is a benchmark for all the files you upload. For the maximum of around 2 to 7 minutes file, you can get charged up to 350 Robux. For anything around 30 seconds to 2 minutes, you will have to pay around 70 Robux, which is usually what most music follows. Anything lower than that would cost about 35 to 20 Robux, with 20 being the minimum cost.

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There is virtually no limit to the kind of audio file you can play on Roblox’s Boombox by using the music code. You can enhance your gaming experience according to your terms. It is quite a fascinating and convenient feature. Due to these qualities, Roblox remains one of the most popular platforms.

Now you know how to find music codes, upload the files, and use them in the Roblox. The FAQs further clarify any confusion. As mentioned above, you can only use 9-digit code from Roblox’s database, not anywhere else. So make sure to follow through with that.

As long as you keep these things in mind, you will have a fantastic Roblox music experience. So, go ahead and groove to the beats. Enjoy an endless stream of popular or player-made songs available at your convenience.

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