12+ Best Unblocked Music Sites [2021] – Listen for free

Well, there’s no need to pay dollars to get a subscription when you can get to listen to music for free! There are a huge number of sites that allow you to stream music for free, which are known as unblocked music sites. You may not find all the songs on a single site, but most of them have most of the songs in common except those songs which are released on their sites exclusively.

Best Unblocked Music Sites

Today we will tell you about 12 different unblocked music sites that allow you to stream free unblocked music.

List Of Best Unblocked Music Sites:

Some of the best-unblocked music sites are given below:

1. Spotify

Spotify is one of the best and most-streamed music sites across the world. It offers more than 50 Million songs that you can listen to on the go from anywhere. The best part of Spotify is you can listen to free music. Spotify allows users to play music on smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Spotify has its own app as well for Android and iOS users.


Spotify has various playlists that are filled with songs for your different moods. It has a huge collection of music for you to listen. All the famous and superb singing artists have registered all their songs with Spotify so that you don’t miss out on any song or go to find anywhere else. That’s why Spotify is a popular unblocked music site.

2. Gaana

If you are looking for a site that plays music with just one single click, then Gaana is the perfect site for you. It has more than 40 million songs and allows us to play on all the platforms starting from smartphones to desktops.


All the new songs that release every day are added to the playlist very soon, and they make sure that they deliver the demands of the users soon. This music streaming site also streams the lyrics of the songs at the same time. Gaana also has an option to play videos of your favorite songs.

3. AccuRadio

AccuRadio offers you to listen to songs that are commonly liked by everybody, especially trending ones. You just need to visit the site and click on any of the channels or songs and enjoy music anywhere. It has one of the best and largest 3D song libraries.


AccuRadio also offers you to listen to its free internet radio with tons of channels streaming worldwide. AccuRadio is famous for its popular playlist, which has a huge collection of songs lined up together. It also has different web skins so that you don’t have to use the same layout for a long time.

4. LiveXLive

The LiveXlive is one of the most innovative sites you will ever come across because it is made for all sorts of places like schools, offices, and other platforms people prefer decent music; you will get surprised to know, but it was earlier known as Slacker Radio.


It is probably the most popular unblocked site on the list.

5. Song Area

The name of the site defines it all at first. The site has tons of songs with an enormous number of genres and singers. It has a very amazing feature whenever you search for a song, album, or artist; it lines up all the songs in alphabetical order so that you can find your song easily.

Song Area

It is one of the oldest and best-unblocked music sites in the streaming industry.

6. Pandora

Pandora is one of those sites that was introduced at a time when there was hardly any music site available on the internet. This music streaming site completed 21 long years of service and has a user base of 63 Million. You can listen to royalty free music on Pandora because it has a very huge collection of music.


Pandora is available on the web as well as on the Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Pandora is another popular unblocked music site.

7. Hype Machine

Who doesn’t like rock music? If you are a fan of loud music, then just like the name, the Hype Machine is the best site with the best rock music. Listen to the latest music with just a click.

Hype Machine

It is also known for its huge database of love songs. The site was launched in 2005 by Anthony Volodkin.

8. Youtube

The biggest online video streaming platform is also known for its availability of songs. There is hardly a song that’s not there on Youtube. Youtube has all the stuff that you need and search for.


It has the widest range of content on the internet, so if you cannot find your song on any of the music sites, you should search it on youtube; you will find it for sure.

9. StreamSquid

Streamsquid is one of the best music sites on the list, and it also offers live streaming of radio with the help of the internet. You can stream tons of radio stations and channels.


It’s a quite renowned site and has maintained its reputation by delivering quality music over the years.

10. Soundzabound

Soundzabound is a very different kind of music site because it is made especially for students. It is made for educational purposes for students’ learning and has a big library of songs that will make the students chill.


So if you’re looking for a site that has educational podcasts and songs as well, then Soundzabound is the perfect place.

11. Saavn

If you stream songs for a long time, you must know about Saavn because it is one of the oldest music sites and has one of the biggest song libraries. The site’s layout is very aesthetic, and you must visit it at least one time to know how the songs are arranged in different playlists according to mood and festival.


Play your favorite songs and enjoy them on all the platforms, and if you like Indian songs, then this is probably the ideal choice.

12. TuneIn

TuneIn is one of those sites which are the most visited; it is famous for its podcasts. It is there for a long time now and has a library with all sorts of music and different languages so that you can enjoy the music of all languages.


It also allows you to listen to live news and sports so that you can stay updated.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which music sites are not unblocked in school?

 All the above sites that we have mentioned in the list are unblocked in schools and universities. Read the full article to know more about best-unblocked music sites.

How to get unblocked music at school?

Refer to the above article, and we have mentioned all the sites that are unblocked at school choose one of them and enjoy listening to music at school. Listen to your favorite music anytime on the go without any hassle.

How can you listen to music when everything is blocked?

When everything is blocked, the best way to listen to free music is to change the VPN using a VPN application or change it manually. Keep in mind to use a VPN of a different country; then, you’ll be able to stream any music you prefer using a VPN in popular countries because most of the sites are not available in remote countries.

How do I unblock a song?

Go to the Library and select Playlist, then choose Blocked songs and unblock them to be available for listening. The steps vary from app to app and site to site.

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Music is the perfect solution for every situation and mood. Music is just like a drug that we need every day to make our life happier, but this drug has positive effects on our lives and helps us stay relaxed and motivated.

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