20+ Best Free Movie Streaming Sites (Signup Not Required)

Are you looking for a way to watch movies online without subscribing to the streaming apps? There are countless websites available online. However, some of them are legal while others are illegal. We will help you by bringing you the 20 best free movie streaming sites that you can use to watch movies online.

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

These work on almost any device. Some are very popular, and others are lesser-known. If you’re perplexed about the legalities, maybe the FAQs will help you. With that, let’s begin the list:

List Of The 20+ Best Free Movie Streaming Sites:

So here is the list of some free movie streaming sites:

1. Tubi TV

Tubi has become such a robust platform that it is growing to be on par with premium streaming services. It is available on Roku, Android TVs, and other devices. There is an entire app for Tubi TV. Therefore, you can use it almost anywhere you like.

It is one of the legal websites on the list. You can watch and stream content. The content library is quite compelling. Of course, to make up for the content’s license, TubiTV will show you advertisements.

Tubi TV

These advertisements are identical to the YouTube ads that can be abrupt. If you can get past that, it is a great choice. You can use it anywhere, and if you don’t feel like investing, there are many free movie titles available right on TubiTV.

It is legally available on all play stores for you to download. Therefore, you can go ahead and use it without any fear of legal problems.

2. IMDb TV

IMDb TV is another similar free streaming app like Tubi TV, owned by Amazon. The mechanism of this website is identical. You get advertisements in exchange for the content that you can watch and stream online. There is a wide array of movies, TV shows, and documentaries available. If there isn’t anything available on this website, you will find it on Amazon Prime.


However, it requires you to register with an account to start streaming the content. You get a personalized experience, something similar to the apps. Overall, it is a great option. You will find many famous movies and shows conveniently available.

It is slowly growing to be on par with Tubi TV. However, it is less popular. IMDb TV deserves all the attention it can get. The only drawback is that it is exclusively available only in the U.S.

3. Peacock TV

Peacock TV is another official legal apps that provide free content at the cost of the advertisement. NBC owns this one, so you can stream their content. While it is relatively new (launched in 2020), it has gained millions of users for its fantastic content collection.

Peacock TV

It doesn’t just offer movies and TV shows. You even get live channels to try. The interface is quite comfortable and cutting edge, almost on par with many premium-grade service providers.

You will find it compatible with Roku, Apple, Amazon Fire TV, and other devices like Smart TVs, Android Phones, and much more. It is gradually expanding the content.

4. Vudu

Vudu is another one of the premium and legal streaming services available for you online. It will bring you free movies to watch, but with advertisements. Most of these are pretty popular, and even the latest collection that you find on lower-tier streaming apps is available here.


Vudu also has a subscription offer. Thus, it is both a free and paid service provider. As a result, there’s no need to worry about the legalities. The content ranges quite a lot as you will find some famous and blockbuster hits to lesser-known, even cult movies that you won’t find anywhere else.

This combination of finding popular movies and some lesser-known surprises makes Vudu an appealing choice. It is undoubtedly one worth bookmarking.

5. Xumo

As you can see, there are plenty of legal options. Xumo is another one of these choices available for you. It has expansive Video-on-demand content, which makes it appealing. However, Xumo is primarily known for providing Live TV channels.


There’s no doubt that you can get content on-demand, but the access to various Live TV channels with a minimum price of an advertisement is worth noticing. The collection of multiple channels with some famous titles also make Xumo one of the top free streaming apps available online.

Of course, it is currently available in the US exclusively. However, Xumo might expand and become available to other regions as well. To watch movies, it is one of the best streaming sites, with an official app available.

6. Sony Crackle

Crackle is another one of the popular and legal options available for you to use for streaming. It is officially owned by Sony. That’s right! Sony has an official app that is available for free!

It is one of the lesser-known apps. However, there are plenty of commercials and advertisements. The unique selling point of Crackle is that apart from Movies and TV shows, it also brings you a collection of original shows and content. This certainly puts it ahead.

Sony Crackle

However, the content collection and services are not the best. While you have some exclusive, Sony-owned content, it still lacks in libraries with what others offer. Hence, it is lower on the list. Still, though, as a legal option, it is excellent.

7. Kanopy

First of all, Kanopy doesn’t have advertisements. It is entirely free, and you can explore its content to get started immediately. Next up, it has an open public library. This means that you will come across many publicly supported and submitted movies. Some of these are lesser-known jewels.


If you’re someone who loves watching originals for entertainment and won’t mind the lack of popular titles, and studios, this could be among the best apps. Yes, you have to create an account here. However, once you do, everything is available at your fingertips.

From documentaries to mind-blowing movies. You could find many jewels here. There are various categories. However, it can’t match others’ content libraries on the list, as it doesn’t have a legal license for them. Still, for clean entertainment and something new or fresh, it is a fantastic option.

8. Flixtor

Flixtor is one of those platforms that bridge the gap between the popular pirated websites and the legal streaming websites mentioned above. It has a clean interface and user-intuitive design that is on par with many pirated websites. You will even find content from popular TV shows to movies available in the library.


You have complete HD access, as well. However, it also has a VIP subscription. It is a way for you to ‘donate’ and support the website. You can say that the website has a license for most of the content. There’s no doubt about it. But it is hard to tell if that applies to everything.

Not only for movies but TV shows, Flixtor is one of the best platforms available. It is also one of those that you need to use at your risk. The domain for the website might change over time. You can conduct additional research to find out if it is legit or not.

9. PopcornFlix

There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard or come across the name of PopcornFlix. It is known for being one of the best streaming service providers, even though it is relatively new (2017). There have been several alterations to the website, but now it is officially known as PopcornFlix.


Popcornflix is another one of the websites that are on the border between legal and illegal. It has an option for you to browse Movie library, TV Shows library, or watch Viral Videos. It has quite an app-like interface, and you will find several entertaining movies and titles.

The categories are easy, the content is accessible, and the entire library is fantastic. You don’t need to register to use popcornflix, either. However, you might strongly need a VPN if you want to access content from various regions. Overall, it is another one of the fantastic additions to the list.

10. Archive

As we are mid-way through the list, think of this website as a bonus or a perk for you. The Internet Archive has a lot going for itself. It is a public library that brings you a wide assortment of audio, music, images, videos, files, and much more. All of these are available for free for you to download, stream or use as you please!


If you explore the videos and movies, you will find plenty—these range from the 1900s to older or even the latest movies. Of course, they take down any pirated or copyright content. However, it takes time for them. So it is a great place to keep an eye out for such content, as well.

Overall, the Internet Archive is a great place to find several movies and videos you won’t find anywhere else. These might be lesser-known but worth giving a try. There’s no need for you to make an account either. With such an expansive library, it is among the best free movie streaming sites.

11. Yes!Movies

Yes!Movies have gone through several developments over the years. It remains an undefeated king that DMCA doesn’t seem to want to take down. The website just seems to flourish. It has a lot of content available for you. From the latest movies to TV series and even originals, you will find everything.


It has an intuitive interface, making it quite buttery to browse and shuffle through. However, Yes!Movies are one of those platforms that have plenty of advertisements and popups. The users also provide the content, so some might be missing or not available. Still, you have several servers for the same title, episode, and much more.

You can use the simple search option or browse through an array of collections it offers. Overall, Yes!Movies reign supreme in many aspects. This is one of the ‘browse at your own risk’ websites, of course.

12. FMovies

Think of Fmovies as the perfect counterpart of Yes!Movies. If you can’t find a title or show, or if it lacks episodes and servers on YesMovies, you will indeed find it in Fmovies and vice-versa. You can download the HD content available, much like other websites of a similar spectrum.


However, most importantly, it has a clean and cut user interface which is easy to browse. The pop-ups, advertisements, and such can get very annoying. It will take some time to get used to the platform before you can efficiently use it. Once you do, you will find it worth every effort.

There’s no need for you to register. The website has the latest movie titles to TV shows available for you. So, you can go ahead and use it. Once again, it is on par with YesMovies in legalities, as well.

13. StreamLord

StreamLord deserves all the love and recognition it can get among YesMovies and FMovies available on the list. Because unlike the other two, it lacks a significant amount of advertisements. There will still be some pop-ups and new tabs opening, but everything else is quite tolerable.


The interface is clean and looks like it is an official streaming platform. These qualities make it worthwhile. You can find several new titles for both movies and TVshows, both. Most of these are available in HD. However, there is one significant drawback to Stream Lord.

It doesn’t have too many servers or options for you. While you can stream and watch online, you can’t download. There is a high chance that the site may go down if it doesn’t receive enough donations to keep it running. Still, for as long as it lasts, the website is entirely worth visiting.

14. SolarMovie

Alright, SolarMovie, at first glance, would seem like it is a Yes!Movies rip-off. For most of the part, you can say that it is indeed a ripoff. But that makes it all the more worth for you to keep in the bookmarks. If you already use Yes!Movies, you might want to keep it under the list as well.


The interface, search, server selection, filters, categories, and genres are the same as YesMovies. Still, the content receives frequent updates and remains lightning-fast for you. The advertisements, pop-ups, and such are considerably lower than other websites. These qualities make it worthwhile to add to the list.

It is another one of the best free movie streaming sites. You will find HD content that is available for downloading as well. Overall, it is an excellent website if you don’t want to try other options.

15. AZMovies

AZmovies, also known as A To Z Movies, is one of the oldest websites that has gone through several domain name changes. Yes, it still thrives with the best collection, from the latest movies to the oldest. This makes AZmovies a worthwhile addition.


You will even find documentaries on the platform. The interface is easy, but the servers might take a while to get used to. With so many options to get things by year, it is a great addition to the list of the best free movie streaming sites.

Beware, though! It has too many advertisements and popups that could ruin the experience. As the old saying goes, the bigger you become, the worst it gets.

16. YMovies

This is another one that is gradually becoming popular and for all the right reasons too! On the surface, Ymovies seem very simple and almost like a search engine. Once you go inside, you will see that it is a complete hub.


The website brings you complete information about the movie or TVshows. It even has torrent links available for you to download. There are many servers available for you to try. However, it is almost like using a torrent player. Thus, it might take some time to load the show or movie. Still, you can download them and stream them as you like them.

Overall, Ymovies is quite different in approach with complete information, easy interface, and viable downloads. However, it does have plenty of advertisement, but not too much that it would intrude on your experience in any way.

17. 123Movies

123Movies is another one of the popular platforms available for you to watch movies for free. It has minimum to no advertisements, popups, and other annoyance. They do exist, but not enough to ruin your experience in any manner. The content is primarily available in 1080P quality, at least. So if you need a website to stream movies in HD, this is the place for you.


It seems like the website is really trying to keep the content up to date. While most of it is available, it still lacks compared to other options available for you. If you don’t mind a little outdated or slowly updated content, 123movies is undoubtedly among the best streaming sites available.

18. MovieGo

MovieGo is outright brilliant. It has a beautiful interface that is also easy to use. It is fast and responsive. You can find any movie, even the latest ones, and immediately start streaming them. There seems to be no advertisement whatsoever.


However, you need to register and become a user to use the platform. It might take a little time to get used to understanding different servers and how they work. If you can go past that, it is certainly worth adding to the list for all the quality content it has, all available in HD.

19. MovieStars

MovieStars is another one of the instant streaming apps available. That is if you can get past all the pop-ups and advertisements that it will toss your way. Of course, it has a lot of content from TV shows and movies. Some of these are lesser-known. Think about MovieStars is one of those websites that bring you original content available for subscription, for free.


There’s no need for you to register either. You can start streaming immediately. Apart from the popups and new tabs that open at the start, they seemingly disappear once you stream the content. Thus, navigation is easy and tolerable on the website.

20. GoStream

Saving the best for the last, GoStream has everything, a friend interface, the latest content, and much more. There is a significant lack of advertisements, as well. As you are exclusively looking for the best movie streaming sites, this is the best one.


You will have all the movies, and all of these are available in at least 720P quality. On the drawback side, there are no TV shows. You won’t find any TV shows on this website. So, it is exclusively for movie lovers. Still, it is fast, loads quickly, and responds remarkably. The collection is fantastic.

This is the best, top-tier streaming website available.

A Legal Disclaimer:

This list is strictly for a suggestion and listing purpose as a review. We do not endorse or support any of these websites. Some of these websites might not have licensed content as we didn’t get an opportunity to confirm them. We are not affiliated with any of these websites.

There is no intention of promoting piracy, copyright infringement, or any other offense. You, as a user and reader, are responsible for the actions you take. We try our best to provide you the best information regarding these websites. All DMCA takedown requests shall be obeyed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are These Websites Safe To Use?

Most of these websites are safe to use, at least the legal ones are. Some of these might be inaccessible, and you’d need a VPN for them. To be on the safer side, try to use most of these in an incognito window. That will keep things under control for quality and much more.

As we mentioned in the disclaimer, it is up to the users to use these websites. We do not support or endorse any of the said websites.

How Can You Boost Your Security For Using These Websites?

If you’re unsure about their safety, you can always download security tools like anti-virus and VPNs. Many VPN providers come with several security measures. Some websites, with regional limits, might indeed require you to use a VPN. VPNs can maintain complete anonymity for you. So, if you’re worried about getting caught for using these platforms, that could add a layer of security for you.

Is It Legal To Stream Content Without Paying For Them?

It would depend on where you’re streaming them. Some of the websites that we mentioned work on licensing the content. In exchange, they will show you advertisements. Others might just work as a hub for users to upload and share content. You would have to look into each website and check to see if they are legal or not. Our job was to provide you the list. The rest is up to you.

Where Can You Use These Websites?

Almost every website today works on both mobile phones and PCs. You might even use them on Smart TVs with web browsers and much more. Thus, you can virtually use them anywhere. However, as a safety precaution, try to use these only on the protected platform. Something with VPN and anti-virus would be the right choice.


This concludes the list of the best free movie streaming sites available online. We have tried to bring something everywhere. Whether someone seeks lesser-known jewels, documentaries, user-created content, or something different, these are certainly all worth bookmarking if you plan on using them or sharing them.

Go ahead and have the endless stream of movies. However, it would be better to subscribe to the premium service providers. They bring you the best content, HD, with utmost security. Rest is up to you! Enjoy the endless stream of movies.

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