Please join us as we build the only cross-vertical, media rights solution for everyone.



We are delighted to work with these industry partners to build the dotbc ecosystem


Partnership opportunities


Let’s create the dotBC architecture together. From artist, songwriter, producer and manager to labels, distributors, publishers, performing rights organizations, streaming services, digital service providers, licensing companies and more, we are developing tools to allow you to focus on making and monetizing music assets, without the hassle everyone feels today.

Our open source development approach allows all interested parties to build applications and services that integrate with our core architecture. We will be releasing open source tools to allow everyone to create and manage dotBC file bundles. We will be providing various solutions for mid-tier and large rights holders, including customized solutions to integrate the dotBC environment with existing workflow and internal systems.  There are many ways to partner with us.

Become A Development Partner

We encourage companies to build services on their own via our forthcoming APIs, or the dotBC team can be contracted to build applications for your specific needs. We have established tiers of service to accommodate all types of songwriters, artists, producers, small, medium and large rights related businesses. 

Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Enterprise level services are available. You can view our service offerings here.

If you are interested in working with the dotBC team for a development effort, please contact us for more information.



Join our community today! We encourage all parties to join our Partner Queue and participate in our growing community of early participants. Our queue serves as a way to efficiently manage the on-boarding of our users over time. Our free dotBC tools will be available in late 2017, and we will be on-boarding queue members on a first come first serve basis at that time. We will keep all partners informed as we progress and release tools via email and through our public Slack channel. Additional paid membership tiers provide opportunities for partners to more actively be involved in the development of dotBC and access to additional technology and services. Please indicate if you are interested in accessing our paid tier or development with our team when you sign up.One of Our Sponser is offering SEMrush 30 Days Free Trial for all participants.