The .BC Music Project

Our Mission

Our missioN:

Dot Blockchain Music Inc's primary purposes are to develop a new media format and supporting technology architecture and facilitate the media industries' adoption of the format through advocacy, education and the establishment of industry standards. The format and architecture will be provided for the benefit of all musicians, composers, and people in the music and related industries, primarily through open source protocol and licenses, and leveraging blockchain technology methods. The public benefit of these efforts will be to create a fair and transparent way for music artists, music publishers and rights holders to express their rights and wishes for commercializing their art, while dramatically improving the efficiency of how music is delivered across the ever expanding uses globally. Further, the company will donate at least 5% (and up to 25% at the discretion of management) of all net profits to education organizations for current and future musicians. To be eligible such organizations must reside in the areas where the PBC is doing business and must be approved charitable entities for tax purposes.