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The most experienced founders in music rights management, metadata, technology and business.


Chief Executive Officer

Benji is a British-born, New York-based entrepreneur, technologist, musician, and the founder of PledgeMusic. An early pioneer of the direct artist-to-fan model of distributing music, Rogers founded PledgeMusic based on the belief that artists should share the process of their artistic output, not just the finished product. Benji now operates as the Chief Strategy Officer at PledgeMusic. 


Chief Business Officer

Ken is an angel investor and business advisor for digital music startups, through his company Digital Daruma, with a specific focus on artist facing music and media service companies. His past experience includes 25 years in financial services trading, asset management and senior management positions. 


Chris McMurtry

Chris is a native of Nashville (Music City, USA), classical composer, technologist, and founder of Dart, The Music Metadata Company™. He continues his mission of ensuring that data does not get in the way of accurate payment and attribution through the development of RAI and as Head of Music at the LA-based payments company, Exactuals.


Chris is a technologist by trade, a designer in practice, and an entrepreneur at heart. Chris is the co-founder and CTO of Monegraph, where he leads the development of decentralized digital markets with a combination of cloud and blockchain-based tools.


Bill is a seasoned entertainment exec with a diverse background in label operations, business development, social media and mobile commerce. He serves as the VP of Digital Strategy and Business Development at the Music Business Association.


Allen has been working in the Music Industry for over 20 years as a media strategist, lawyer, professor, artist manager, and author. He is a founder of the Rethink Music Initiative at Berklee College of Music as well as the new graduate Global Entertainment and Music Business program at Berklee's Valencia, Spain Campus. 

our mission


The primary purposes of Dot Blockchain Media are: 

  • To develop a new media format and supporting technology architecture 

  • To facilitate the media industry’s adoption of the format through advocacy, education, and the establishment of industry standards. 

The format and architecture will be provided for the benefit of all musicians, composers, and people in the music industry and its related fields. This format will be provided primarily through open source protocol and licenses, and leveraging blockchain technology methods. The public benefit of these efforts will be to create a fair and transparent way for music artists, music publishers and rights holders to express their rights and wishes for commercializing their art, while dramatically improving the efficiency of how music is delivered across the ever expanding digital library. 

As a public benefit corporation, the company will donate at least 5% (and up to 25% at the discretion of management) of all net profits to education organizations for current and future musicians. To be eligible, such organizations must reside in the areas where the PBC is doing business and must be approved charitable entities for tax purposes.



Sep 27, 2017: RightsTech Summit at the nY Media Festival

9:40am Panel: If licensing and royalty payments are ever to be managed with the same machine-to-machine efficiency as media distribution and consumption, rights information must be put into machine-readable formats. A panel of senior executives from across media sectors to discuss the status of various initiatives to get rights information into machine-readable form, the challenges they’re facing, and how close or far we are from reliable machine-to-machine rights clearances.

Dae Bogan, Co-founder and CEO, TuneRegistry
Christopher Kenneally, Director, Business Development, Copyright Clearance Center
Benji Rogers, CEO, Dot Blockchain Media
Michael Shanley, Vice President of IT Business Development, Music Reports
Michael Simon, President, Rumblefish; CEO, Harry Fox Agency LLC
MODERATOR: Christopher Kenneally, Copyright Clearance Center

SEP 30, 2017: MUsic-pReneur Mindset Summit

2-2:45pm Workshop with Benji Rogers. 


Oct 5, 2017 : MONDO NYC

Bitcoin and Blockchain Deep Dive: What You Need to Know - Bitcoin’s value is through the roof, Ethereum is right behind it, and blockchain is making serious strides. If you don’t know what any of that is, now is the time to find out. Blockchain represents a new way to assign rights and pay rightsholders when fans pay for music. This session tells you what that means and how to use it.


OCT 10, 2017: GITEX Conference

Get Amped Up on Blockchain Musicians, Keynote | 10:50am

Think of a world where any young musician is able to code a music app - and able to license it at 100 miles-per-hour. Benji turns up the volume on all the long term benefits that blockchain technology will bring to musicians and the music industry.


OCt 19, 2017: Amsterdam Dance Event

Blockchanging the Entertainment Industry 13:15 - 14:15
DeLaMar Theater (D7 Panel Room) | Marnixstraat 402, Amsterdam

Everyone is talking about Blockchain but how many of you really know what it is? And more to the point, how could it work for you and your business and what advantages might it bring? ADE Tech’s panel of experts on what is also technically known as distributed ledger technologies – or DLTs to use the generic term – will explain everything about this transparent payment technology to help you get to grips with how blockchain can help your business.

Nov 17, 2017: Sonic Visions Music Conference

Keynote speaker. Details TBA.




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