The .BC Music Project


Hi team! 
An amazing amount of progress on the project has been made so far and we are delighted to invite you to the first technical webinar for the DotBlockchain Music ProjectChris our technical lead, as well as the rest of us, will be on hand to answer any questions that you might have but in order to be ready we would appreciate as many of these to be posted in advance as possible. You can post questions of a technical nature here and we will be hosting a non technical webinar to be announced shortly. We chose 11am EST to accommodate all timezones but if you can't make it we will record it and make it available to the slack channel and email list - so please post questions even if you can't attend so we don't leave you out.

Our public slack channel now has over 350 members and if you would like access please let us know.

Once again the you can access the code in GitHub and we will be available to answer questions as time allows in slack. If this your first time hearing about us or you've just discovered the DotBlockchain Music Project please explore the site and learn more about us. 

Loving your work

Team dotBC