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dotBC is a new dynamic file format and supporting technology architecture, designed to modernize rights management of media files globally for all participants


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Benji Rogers, "We Can't Rush This, It's Worth Getting Right" on Music Ally


Aug 1, 2017

[...]  “The music industry doesn’t have a data problem. It doesn’t have a distribution problem. It doesn’t have a consumer problem. It has an asset problem,” is how he describes the wider pitch. “It doesn’t have a way to place within the asset permission and obligation. It can’t control its own asset!”

Rogers has been pitching the idea of dot.bc files to artists, rights-holders and digital services alike, with the argument for the latter based on a vision of solving the kind of metadata black holes that have left Spotify facing a series of lawsuits from songwriters.

“We’re proposing to these digital service providers, ‘Hey, this file has everything you need on who to pay in it, and that other file is a completely unknown entity that you hope is correct. Which one’s better? And if you’ve just paid out your seventy or eighty millionth dollars’ worth of publishing fines, one of them is better!” he says. [...]



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